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WE ARE SNAG: Contemporary Smiths

From “blacksmith” to “goldsmith,” “silversmith” to “bladesmith,” the term “smith” denotes connotations of skill and mastery. WE ARE SNAG: Contemporary Smiths seeks images of works crafted using traditional or contemporary smithing...

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Traveling Workshops to Gather Communities

I am currently seeking schools, art centers and other venues to teach workshops while on a community gathering adventure. Case Of The Nomads is a year long road trip to connect bike and art communities. I will be converting my car into a live/work...

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The Metal Museum presents "A Kind of Confession" through September 11. The exhibition showcases critical and contemporary metalwork from both tenured and emerging African American metal artists. This and many more exhibitions in this week's news post.

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Support the CERF+ "At the Ready Fund"

Help prepare artists for disasters large and small, natural and unnatural, by supporting the CERF+ "At the Ready Fund." We can't stop disasters from occurring, but we can help CERF+ be ready for them.

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