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Alchemy 3: Vision + Passion + Creation - The Enamelist Society Conference

The Enamelist Society Conference will be held at Montserrat College of Art in Beverly MA August 8 - 9. It will feature presentations by leading enamelists plus both international and student exhibitions. Pre and post conference workshops on August ...

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WE ARE SNAG: Contemporary Smiths

From “blacksmith” to “goldsmith,” “silversmith” to “bladesmith,” the term “smith” denotes connotations of skill and mastery. WE ARE SNAG: Contemporary Smiths seeks images of works crafted using traditional or contemporary smithing...

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"WTF is M.I.T. Doing at SNAG?" from AJF

Art Jewelry Forum website recently published an article by Benjamin Lignel titled "WTF is M.I.T. Doing at SNAG?" Lignel takes a look at "new media" and some of the themes that appealed to him at the 2015 SNAG Boston conference: social impact and innovation.

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Board Members Speak: Lauren Selden

Serving as a SNAG board member is a gratifying method of service to a community that has provided me with knowledge, opportunity, and a constant belief in the importance of what we all do.

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