From Grains to Gold


SNAG’s 43rd Annual Conference

April 23-26, 2014


With the general demise of America’s traditional industries, a shift in social consciousness has emerged from the excesses and dehumanization of the global market, leading to the resurgence of people buying locally made objects and supporting their communities. “From Grains to Gold”, SNAG’s 43rd annual conference, will explore the relationship between the maker and the materials at a time when the materials, techniques, and processes are rapidly changing, and examine the growing trends of consumers’ desire for the “hand-made” and—most importantly—what it really means to be “hand-made” in the 21st century.

Once known as the “flour milling Capital of the world,” The Twin Cities have given rise over the years to a rich cultural scene of creativity and innovation in the arts, crafts, music, design, architecture, independent studios, museums, and galleries. SNAG is pleased to have Minneapolis, the bustling urban center of creative culture, serve as the backdrop to this engaging conference.

Conference Co-chairs:

Emily Johnson, Britta Kaupilla & Dominique Bereiter

For Vendor & Sponsorship opportunities for the 2014 Conference:

Please contact John Garbett at SNAG 541-345-2774 or email: