SNAG Links

SNAG LinksThe SNAG Links Project was originally conceived of and coordinated by Linda Kaye-Moses from 1996-2001. In this project, Linda invited 12 artists to create a link (a pendant-like adornment) utilizing their unique skill-sets. The pieces were documented, then donated to the annual conference silent auction.

Victoria Lansford revived the project in 2015, with the links displayed annually at the SNAG conference. In keeping with Linda’s concept, each year Victoria invites artists to create links. Each link is for sale individually at the conference.

All of the 2015 and 2016 links are in an online exhibition. Some links are still available for purchase. The 2017 Links are below and were at the SNAG conference in New Orleans, May 2017. An online exhibition of the 2017 Links will be added soon.

The artists have also contributed to the Linking Our Lineage books, in keeping with SNAG’s commitment to preserve and disseminate knowledge within our community. There are three ebooks focusing on the technical processes involved in each link through detailed instructions, process photos, and videos. Volume 1 is also now available in print. See Linking Our Lineage, Volumes 1-3, which illustrate how the links were made.

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2017 Links Project
(online exhibition coming soon; some Links have been sold)

Cynthia-Eid_Aquatipus_Links 2017
Cynthia Eid

Argentium silver, 22K gold, quartz
The metal used to create this link was silver scrap left over from one of the Lifetime Achievement Awards made annually for SNAG by Cynthia Eid. Her sculptural jewelry and hollowware is primarily made in Argentium silver formed through the creative use of hammers and a hydraulic press. Using these tools, Cynthia focuses on exploring fluidity with which metal and be moved and formed.

Valentina-Moeur_Luminaire_Links 2017
Valentina Moeur

Fine silver, enamel
Influenced by the moon’s illumination, Valentina Moeur’s link depicts the moon’s reflection of the sun and all the colors of the spectrum. Since graduating with her BFA from California State University Long Beach, Valentina has taught youth classes and been a teaching assistant at Idyllwild Arts. She currently pursues jewelry design in her Los Angeles studio focusing her work around her preferred technique of champlevé enamel.

Sarah Doremus-Links 2017 Sarah Doremus-Links 2017-2

Sarah Doremus
Election Result Changer: If you don’t like it, change the channel
Copper, sterling and fine silver
price $400
Influenced by tongue in cheek play, Sarah Doremus looks to poke fun at our collective angst-ridden human condition. Using puns and expressions in combination with physical representation, she explores minimizing its impact and putting it in a perspective to remove its perceived anxiety. Sarah resides in Deer Isle, Maine and spends her time outside of studio teaching art at two Maine Elementary schools.

Matthew-Smith-Helix-Links 2017

Matthew Smith
Sterling silver and cast resin
price $185
Matthew Smith creates modern jewelry that merges his graphic design and furniture making backgrounds and is influenced by his interest in mid-20th century design. Within his extensive creative career, Matthew has been a graphic designer, glass blower, woodworker/furniture maker and a jeweler. As a jeweler, he continues to use to his advantage all tips and tricks of each trade.

Phillip-Baldwin-Links 2017
Phillip Baldwin
Ancient Linkage
Pattern-welded steel, coin silver, bronze, 24K and 22K gold
price $800
This link is about the relationship of the ancient metals, gold, silver, copper and iron and their different “humors.” Different approaches to the basic techniques of casting, forging and fabrication are incorporated into one work and are a reference to the ongoing dialog between the branches of metalsmithing. Phillip Baldwin currently resides and maintains a studio in Snohomish County, Washington and is an affiliate faculty of the School of the Art of the University of Washington.

Munya-Avigail-Upin_Links 2017
Munya Avigail Upin
The Power and the Beauty: VII
Sterling, fine silver, ruby
price $1500
Driven by her concern for the natural world, Munya Avigail Upin is stirred by the destruction of nature by humans and the power we have over our environment. Munya is an artist and educator along with gallery co-owner of ALCHEMY 9·2·5 in Boston Massachusetts since 2012.

Kim-Baxter-Cosmic-Seed_Link 2017

Kim Baxter
Cosmic Seed
Sterling silver, 24k gold, cubic zirconia
Price $500
Inspired by the environment, Kim Baxter is influenced by nature’s line, texture, shape and pattern. She is drawn to the organic process of fusing in her exploration of surface and form manipulation. Kim resides in Cleveland, Ohio where she maintains her passion for creating and teaching. She is also co-founder and owner of Flux Metal Arts, a small jewelry and metalsmithing studio in Mentor, Ohio.

David Huang
Luminous Link

Copper, sterling silver, 23k gold leaf
Price $500
Referencing the natural, sensual world, David Huang looks to honor skilled labor done with simple tools using the techniques of forging and chasing. He looked to create a small sacred space within the link to remind us to seek and nourish the inner light or spirit that he believes we all possess. David currently resides and maintains a studio in Michigan.

Claudio_Pino_Links 2017

Claudio Pino
Mystical Metamorphosis
18k gold, 950PT/RU platinum, sterling silver, ruby
Price $1200
With an architectural approach, Claudio Pino’s creative process is a search for a unique combination of sculptural portability, physical attributes and conceptual research, as well as an extension of the wearer’s body. Claudio earned his Professional Jeweler’s Diploma in Montreal, Canada in 1995 and has been dedicated to the hand fabrication of one of-a-kind pieces of contemporary fine art jewelry.

mark-nelson-Biner-Links 2017

Mark Nelson
65% copper, 35% silver Shibuichi alloy
Price $350
Approaching the creation of this link literally and functionally, Mark Nelson looked to take the everyday object of a carabiner and imbue it with an ancient quality. Mark currently works for Rio Grande Jewelry Supply as the Education Coordinator, while also teaching and creating at his bench.

The following links from 2016 were also featured again in 2017:
Ken Bova, Blue Morpho Link 
John Lunn, The Three Fates
Deanna Pastel, The Missing Link