As a silversmith, novelist, musician and flutemaker, I have been working for many years to create an art form that incorporates the three disciplines of music, sculpture and storytelling. I started my quest almost 37 years ago when I first apprenticed as a flutemaker and imagined a flute made of silver vines, leaves and fruit. I honed my flutemaking crafts for 13 years before I ventured into creating the organic "art nouveau" flute. At the same time I became a writer, developing as a storyteller. Lastly in the past 18 years, while making flutes and writing novels, I learned chasing and repoussé to complete the circle so I could tell my stories in silver and gold.

I work entirely by hand using no pre-made molds or parts. My hammers and stakes, with traditional forming & chasing techniques, replace milling machines and turning centers to build each unique instrument on its own from raw precious metal.

After 3 decades, I have finally achieved my goal: a world renowned hand sculpted flute (the musical soul of the piece) that tells a story in silver and gold images chased into the keys.

I started making flutes when I was 17 and have been a flutemaker for going on 37 years. I've been fortunate to win a couple of art awards for my flutes, am a past New Hampshire Arts Council Fellow and a juried member of the League of New Hampshire Craftsmen. Several years ago I became a published author with a couple of adventure and science fiction novels for kids. I'm working on new writing projects but finding time for everything is tough. I split my time between flutemaking, metal art design, writing, fencing and raising 3 grandsons.