About Metalsmith

Metalsmith is an award winning publication included in your SNAG membership or available separately by subscription. Available in print and digitally, we publish 5 issues per year.

Metalsmith magazine is published by SNAG. Metalsmith gives you a front row seat on the world of studio art and design in contemporary jewelry and metalsmithing. It’s smart, beautiful and provocative, and guaranteed to inspire and invigorate. Coverage spans contemporary makers, artists in their studios, edgy work, production jewelry, fashion, hollowware, furniture, collectors’ collections, and much more. For over 30 years, Metalsmith has brought you the best in the field.

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1 Year $40 $55
2 Years $76 $106
3 Years $108 $153

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Publication Schedule

Metalsmith is published 5 times a year: mid-January, late-March, early-June, mid-August, and late-October.

Single Issues

Single print copies of Metalsmith magazine can be purchased at various bookstores and retailers. Single digital copies are available for purchase through QMags.



“It has been a joy for all these years to receive the interesting, educational and inspiring issues with the beautiful pictures of artistic works.  I have saved them all and read them frequently again. Thank you!” –Metalsmith reader

“Metalsmith has it all… After all these years, it never fails to inspire me.”  —Metalsmith reader

“I have the current issue here with me, and let me cut to the chase: you have a superb magazine in every way. As a professional artist who has gotten an MA not in studio art but in critical studies of film and TV,  I have become sensitized to the quality of critical discourse across a broad range of aesthetic topics. What’s wonderful to me about the magazine is the usefulness of the analysis of the works and artists featured. The critiques are clear, interviews incisive, and as an artist now working with precious metals, these aspects of your editorial content are a great treasure. Photography and design- (you don’t get better than Pentagram)- also wonderful. And of course the folks featured are doing amazing, thought-provoking work. …Many thanks for the wonderful work.”  –Nancy LeMay