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SNAG Announcements

SNAG Dialogue with Goldsmiths

In SNAG’s ongoing effort to listen to what the past and current SNAG membership is interested in, we initiated a discussion forum on Facebook in 2012 in which we consult with members of the larger metalsmithing community about currently offered SNAG programs.

This group allows for the metalsmithing community to have a direct communication pipeline to the SNAG Board and to weigh in and add constructive ideas to new programs that would benefit a wide range of metalsmiths. In turn, the Facebook group members (some of whom are not current members and therefore out of the information pipeline) receive the most current information about the newest SNAG initiatives under way.

Out of the Facebook initiative grew a core group of 8 people (4 past and current SNAG members as well as 3 SNAG board members and the Executive Director) who now regularly engage in in-depth programming discussions, the goal of which is to identify and implement exciting new SNAG programming that will add significant benefits for a wide segment of the metalsmithing community.

We are currently working cooperatively on some really good ideas and hope to make them public soon. Something to look forward to!

SNAG 2013 Lifetime Achievement Award

Gary Griffin is the recipient of this year’s Lifetime Achievement Award.  It will be presented to him in a ceremony at the Toronto SNAG conference, and we will dedicate the conference to him. Marjorie Simon will write the essay about Gary and his achievements for the SNAG web site, and an essay about him will also appear in Metalsmith later in the year.   Thank you to the diligent Lifetime Achievement Award Committee (Mary Lee Hu, chair; Myra Mimlitsch-Gray, and Paul Smith).  Cynthia Eid will once again create the beautiful sterling silver presentation piece. Congratulations all around!


  Board Member Welcome 

It is a pleasure to welcome Pam Robinson and David Forlano to the SNAG Board of Directors.  Pam is the Conferences liaison and David is liaison to the Editorial Advisory Committee for Metalsmith.  Other board members and their respective areas of responsibility are

  • Renee Zettle-Sterling, President-Elect, and liaison to the Exhibitions Planning Committee
  • Anne Havel, Treasurer
  • Eliana Arenas, liaison to the Forging Entrepreneurs Planning Committee, Guild liaison and Volunteer Coordinator liaison
  • Karen Lorene is liaison to the Lifetime Achievement Award Committee and works on Member Outreach
  • Brigitte Martin is our Community Liaison
  • Jamie Obermeier is liaison to the Online Presence Committee
  • Sharon Massey works on all student programs and is liaison to the various student service programs
  • Marlene True works on fundraising and is liaison to the Educational Endowment raffle and our auctions
  • Bryan Park is the liaison With Social Design House for all website development, and works on developing board structure
  • As President, Sue Amendolara works with the Executive Director and the Board of Directors daily as well as communicating with the membership

Exhibition Planning Committee

The Exhibition Planning Committee is happy to announce they awarded the SNAG Exhibition Partners Award to co-curators Marilyn da Silva and Curtis Arima, and California College of Arts to help support their exhibition, Reflection:  100 Years of Jewelry/Metal Arts at California College of the Arts.  The exhibition, featuring the work of Jewelry/Metal Arts faculty and alumni spanning the decades, was open at the Oliver Art Center, Tocoah Bruce Gallery January 23 to February 14.


Editorial Advisory Committee

The Editorial Advisory Committee to Metalsmith magazine had a successful February meeting of the minds in Philadelphia.  New EAC member Suzanne Pugh and new Board member David Forlano joined the EAC team this year.  A number of ideas to further focus the magazine and build on its rich content are in developement.  Marjorie Simon, outgoing chair to the EAC, served as events host and transitional guide to our new members for two days of brainstorming.  We are grateful to Marjorie for her aid in this smooth transition, and we’ll sorely miss her on the Committee.

2013 Professional Development Seminar

Once again sponsored by MJSA, this year’s Professional Development Seminar is “Sacred Cow, Purple Cow, Cash Cow.”  The focus this year is to challenge the sacred cows of craft marketing and design, and to offer more innovative approaches to display and an interactive marketing model that offers the experience of craft.  The idea of the purple cow comes from Seth Godin’s TED talk, “How to Get Your Ideas Spread,” that is, how to be the purple cow, the one that gets noticed.

Five dynamic presenters will address how you can start thinking purple, find new ways to get your work noticed, and bring the cash cow to market.

Lara BazantBringing the Purple Cow to the Market: Tapping Into the Experiential Economy

Natasha Granastein – “The Unexpected Purple Cow: Pop-Up Stores and Alternative Exhibition Spaces

Justin D. Hartzman –  “All You Can Eat” Website – Customizing the Cow: New trends in New Trends in Cross Platform Web Optimization

Rachel Timmins – “Purple Cow: Documentation via video and photography

Colleen from Clockwork Zero – “Styling the Purple Cow: Unexpected Ways to Get Your Work into Fashion Media“



2013 Education Dialogue

This year’s conversation is “Building a Shared Future,” addressing strategies and success stories on how we can collaborate to maintain both viable educational programs and a vibrant jewelry/metals industry.  Connecting educators, programs, students and those wanting to nurture students in a number of different ways.  Don’t sit on the sidelines–Come be a part of the dialogue.

Education Resource Room and Portfolio Review

Sign up for the Education Resource Room and showcase your metals/jewelry program at the conference on May 17th from 1:30 – 3:00pm. Pre-registration is required and costs $100. For more details, visit

Sign up for a Portfolio Review and get feedback from a professional in the field at the conference in Toronto. Reviews are on May 17th from 1:30 – 3:00pm. For more information, visit

2013 Third Annual Trunk Show Sale

Eighty SNAG artists, established and emerging designers, jewelers and metalsmiths, will sell their work on Saturday May 18 from 3:30 to 6:00, come shop for the latest in studio jewelry.  You’ll find the full range of work, including Jan Smith, Donna D’Aquino, Jan Mandel, Janis Kerman, Charles Lewton-Brain, Jillian Moore, Paul McClure and Rachel Timmins.  Open to all conference attendees and the public.  There are still spaces for more Canadian artists.

Exhibition in Motion Call for Entries Open

All SNAG members are invited to submit current work for consideration in the 2013 juried Exhibition in Motion’s Black + White + Pearl.  This year’s EIM theme is showcasing pearls and pearl-like jewellery.  It’s sponsored by Crown Pearl.

The event is juried by Grace Hou (Crown Pearl), Alannah O’Neill (Associate Editor of ELLE Canada magazine), and Dean Davidson (Dean Davidson Design).   Hosted by George Brown College and Harbourfront Centre.

Download the prospectus today.  The deadline is March 29.


Confluence: SNAG Annual Juried Student Exhibition

Jurors Cheryl Fraser and Robert Longyear will make their selections from a full range of metal and jewelry work, including traditional and non-traditional approaches, to showcase exceptional work from the next generation of metals and jewelry artists. Deadline: March 1, 2013. For more information, visit

Beyond Borders: SNAG Annual Presentation of Student Work

Students, remind your faculty that they need to enter images of student work by March 1, 2013 to be included in this non-juried digital presentation during the conference. For more details, visit


SNAG Educational Endowment Scholarships and Hoover and Strong award for Production Jewelry Designs

Applications for all the scholarships are due on March 15, 2013. For a prospectus and more info, visit

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