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2013 Trunk Show Announcement

We’ve got a sneak preview of our 2013 Trunk Show in Toronto on our website.  A smorgasbord of work, and prices for every pocketbook.

You won’t want to miss this retail sales venue for established and emerging artists, superstars and fast rising talent.  Janis Kerman, Donna D’Aquino, Studio Huddle, Sheila Summerlin, Analya Cespedes, Paul McClure and many more. Come shop and purchase work directly from the artists.

Images:  K Claire MacDonald, Yuliya Chorna, Christine Bossler, Emily Gill, and Rachel Timmins

Open to the public and conference goers.  This year we’re spreading the word about the Trunk Show via the Toronto International Jewellery Festival as well as street-side windows of the Royal York Hotel.

Saturday May 18, 3:30 to 6:00, at the Royal York Hotel

K Claire MacDonald

K. Claire MacDonald’s work is based on an interdisciplinary approach that seeks to combine her painting and metalsmithing practices. Fueled by the desire to merge these two disciplines, she works with a variety of materials and techniques, and explores how they can be manipulated and combined. Originally from Nova Scotia, Claire is presently based in Toronto, Ontario where she is working as an artist-in-residence at Harbourfront Centre.

Yuliya Chorna

Yuliya’s work is based on experimentation and process driven practice. Her silver, gold and brass pieces are inspired by nature and everyday objects. She likes to engage the viewer. Yuliya’s jewelry reflects her focus on elegant form and shape with a playful element of color.

Christine Bossler

Christine Bossler is a metalsmith who was born, raised and lives in Detroit, MI. Christine has worked with metal since high school and college, and started her own studio practice in 2005. Christine enjoys making all sorts of work from wedding sets and cuff links to outrageous one of a kind pieces for the runway and community art projects. Whatever Christine is making, a sense of clean design and a love for material and texture are always present.  When Christine is not working in the studio, she can usually be found working in her 1920’s home or out walking her dog (Basil) along the Detroit River.

Emily Gill

Emily Gill is a Toronto-based designer, native to Montreal, Quebec. She specializes in contemporary jewelry stemming from oceanic and biological inspiration – an obsession since childhood. Her jewelry presents handmade metal jewelry as alive and dynamic, worn as a playful symbol of constant growth, beauty, and elation. From lost wax casting in silver, hand cut sheet metal and fused glass enamel over organic shapes – Emily’s jewelry is a frolicsome product of material and imagination combined.

Rachel Timmins

The jewelry that Rachel will be showing at this year’s SNAG Trunk Show combines hand-work with 3D printed technologies, making her quirky and vibrant jewelry accessible, wearable and affordable.  Admittedly, Rachel’s production work is a guilty pleasure for her to make.  It allows Rachel to set aside the heavier concepts that she employs in her larger works and is instead inspired by outlandish hip-hop chains and candy-jewelry.  The clusters of bright, poppy colors intermingled with faux gold is a combination that creates jewelry with a pulse.


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