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BlacksmitHER Radio Interviews SNAG Executive Director

Gwynne RukenbrodJust released! An interview with SNAG Executive Director Gwynne Rukenbrod Smith on BlacksmitHER Radio.  Listen now  

Would you like to know what your fellow blacksmith peers are saying about their blacksmithing businesses, or get inspired by a project they are working on or techniques they are using?  You can do that by listening to interviews with Victoria Patti on BlacksmitHER Radio.

BlacksmitHER radioWhat is BlacksmitHER Radio?  An audio only podcast show that:
*    Interviews blacksmiths around the world.
*    Provides relatable topics that can help blacksmiths such as tool usage, pricing and time management.
*    Offers education, entertainment and a sense of community and camaraderie among the guests and listeners.

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