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“Metal Man: The Story of Victor Ries”

Victor ReisWatch “Metal Man” on May 16, 2016 at 9:00pm PST, Bay Area PBS Station 22 KCRB

“Metal Man” is a fascinating documentary about the gifted artist and jeweler named Victor Ries. Born in Germany in 1907, Victor lived and worked until 2013, when he was 106 years old. After his apprenticeship as a silversmith, Victor fled the Nazis to Palestine, ultimately landing in Northern California just as the post-war crafts revival was beginning.

As both a highly regarded teacher and visionary artist, Victor Ries’ work has earned great respect. Victor’s mastery of metal and the range of his work, from small jewelry pieces to large scale art installations, are featured in synagogues and churches.

“Metal Man” was produced, directed and narrated by Bill Chayes. It premiered at the Mill Valley Film Festival in October, 2014. This enchanting short movie flows colorfully, sprinkled with words, metal work and drawings by Ries, as well as conversations with Alan Revere. This is an inspiring story of a man who spent 85 years as a working artist, his times and the evolution of crafts in America.

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