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Thank You to “Metalsmith” Editor Suzanne Ramljak

SNAG would like to share a big thank you and farewell to our long-time Metalsmith Editor, Suzanne Ramljak.

Suzanne RamljakIn the fall of 2000 Suzanne Ramljak took over as the Editor of Metalsmith magazine, and our field and SNAG are both immeasurably better for it. In her seventeen years at the helm of the magazine she has edited, organized, curated and herded the cats to put together 87 issues. In doing so, she set the benchmark for critical writing in the craft world.

Suzanne was hired during my tenure as SNAG President. As I recall, hers was the first application we received, arriving two days after the job was posted. Until then we’d worried whether we’d find anyone qualified. Now here I was looking at a Fed-Ex envelope with a return address bearing the name Suzanne Ramljak. My fears dissipated at once.

Not that we’d ever met. But I was intimately familiar with Suzanne’s work as editor of Sculpture magazine. I had also been very impressed with a critical essay she’d written for an exhibition catalog about the jewelry of Daniel Jocz. In my mind, Suzanne was the Holy Grail of editors, someone from outside our field with a deep knowledge of contemporary art, art history, sculpture and critical writing, but also someone with demonstrated interest, understanding, and appreciation of our small corner of the craft world.

What the hiring committee didn’t know was what Suzanne was like as a person. That too turned out to be something we needn’t have worried about. Suzanne, as anyone who has met her knows, is warm, charming, thoughtful, passionate, and highly intelligent. On a personal note, I’m grateful to be able to say that this writer and editor I didn’t know but admired, has become a close friend, and I thank her for the many thoughtful conversations marked by laughter that we’ve shared over the years.

On behalf of the field, I thank her for her vision, her steady hand, her innovations and insights. We will all miss her presence at SNAG conferences and other events. We will think of her with gratitude whenever our copies of Metalsmith arrive at our doors.

–Don Friedlich

Working with Suzanne over the last 4 1/2 years has been a privilege and honor. Her support and point of view of Metalsmith and the field made the magazine the publication is it today. My wholehearted thanks to Suzanne for her many years of service to SNAG and Metalsmith.

–Gwynne Rukenbrod Smith, SNAG Executive Director

If you would like to reach out to Suzanne directly, she can be contacted at

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