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In Remembrance: Marjan Unger

Marjan Unger

Marjan Unger wearing Sketch for Sleeping Beauty II necklace, by Robert Smit, photo: Michael Ferron, Rijksmuseum Amsterdam, 1991

On June 27, 2018, Marianne Unger-de Boer passed away at home in Bussum, the Netherlands, after a rich, yet too-short life. Marjan was 72 years old. As she liked to remind her audiences in lectures, she was born in February 1946, exactly nine months after the liberation of the Netherlands in May 1945. People who knew her will immediately recall her voice, way of speaking, and grinning laugh when she related this fact. Most people today will know her as “the” jewelry specialist, but she was much more than that. In fact, she engaged with the full breadth of design and likewise worked in all design sectors.

The full homage to Marjan, written by Liesbeth Den Besten, can be found on the Art Jewelry Forum website.

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