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Marjorie Schick Memorial Film

How could we forget Marjorie Schick. She took jewelry to another level and paved the way for contemporary jewelry today.

Bill Youmans is a Chicago filmmaker and Marjorie’s cousin. After Marjorie’s passing in December of 2017, he and Marjorie’s son Rob and husband Jim started a film for her memorial which was held In June of 2018.

That film is the basis for a much more inclusive film on Marjorie’s talent and life. “For the memorial we focused on the art but ended up leaving so much more on the cutting room floor. At the memorial we were able to interview people that we weren’t able to contact before. We wanted to come to [the] SNAG [conference] that year but the timing was bad considering the date of the memorial. Marjorie loved SNAG. It gave her a chance to share ideas with her peers, be inspired, be in her element. She loved the pin swap.”

To complete her story they are interviewing curators at the V&A Museum, RTA Galleries in Amsterdam, her publisher in Germany and several others. But her story would not be complete without the voices of her friends and colleagues at SNAG. They will be doing interviews at the 2019 SNAG conference in Chicago on Wednesday, May 22nd between noon and 6:00pm. They would love to hear your stories of Marjorie and your connection to her. If you would like to participate, email Bill to set up a time. If you are not available on May 22nd but would like to participate please contact Bill and he’ll see what arrangements could be made. They are also looking for any photos, videos, etc. that you might have of Marjorie at previous SNAG conferences. Those can be uploaded here.

Thanks in advance to all of those who would like to be a part of the Marjorie Schick story.

Read more about Marjorie here.

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