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Free Access to Mokume Gane Book

Mokume Gane - A Comprehensive Study by Steve Midgett

Mokume artist Steve Midgett is providing free access to his book Mokume Gane: A Comprehensive Study. It includes a “New Layers” section that covers things that Steve and others have learned since the book was first published. See the book here.

In this comprehensive book, Steve shares the art of Mokume Gane from its ancient beginnings in Japan to its resurgence in the digital age along with detailed how-to information for making mokume by multiple methods, and 5 step by step mokume jewelry projects.


Conch Pearl Mokume Gane Brooch by Steve Midgett

“It is my great hope that making this tried and true information freely accessible, will expand the use and appreciation of the art of mokume gane — that it will dispel some of the misunderstanding surrounding the making of mokume gane and ultimately lead to new innovation in the field,” says Steve.


About Steve Midgett
Steve is internationally recognized as a master of Damascus Steel and Mokume Gane. His fascination with these techniques spans four decades, and he has specialized in patterned metal jewelry since 1989. A JCK Rising Star Designer, Niche Award, Saul Bell Award and two time American Vision Award winner, Steve has led workshops on mokume gane and lectured about his work and research throughout the U.S. and around the world. In 2012 he invited his son Jacob to start Steven Jacob, using new era processes to create distinctive mokume gane and Damascus steel jewelry.

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