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Letter from the Board – June 2020

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A Letter from SNAG’s Board of Directors

Dear members, sponsors, friends and colleagues,

As an organization whose mission is to foster community, SNAG believes that Black Lives Matter. We stand in solidarity with black, indigenous, people of color, LGBTQI, and all underrepresented communities in the fight for racial justice and equality.

SNAG acknowledges that expressions of solidarity are insufficient without action. We want to not only state our support, but also ask our friends and supporters to step forward with us.

As a board, we commit to increasing the diversity of the voices that guide this organization and participate in our programming. In 2017, SNAG developed a written policy on diversity, equity and inclusion because we recognized that these values are integral to fulfilling our organizational mission and vision and would help to guide our way forward.

This policy is not meant to stand in place of action, or absolve us from doing the work necessary to create a more inclusive and equitable organization. Some of that work was invested in developing a new programming model for the now canceled 49th annual conference. Though we were not able to gather face to face, it feels more urgent than ever that we engage in conversations that move toward a more equitable future for both SNAG and our individual communities.

As allies our first job is to listen and ask how we can lend support in the fight to end racial bias and systemic injustice. We will announce dates and details soon for Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging Dialogues that will take place as part of our In Conversation Series, we hope you will join us.

These are only small steps in what we recognize is a long journey. We are committed to accountability, listening, learning, and working together toward a more just and equitable future, both in our communities and our organization.

To provide space for the voices of those calling for justice now, we are rescheduling the J. Fred Woell Movie Nights and Panel Discussion originally planned for this week. The movies will now be available June 25 and 27 with a live Q & A on June 28th.


SNAG Board of Directors



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