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J. Fred Woell: An American Vision

Earlier this year, we made available this feature documentary by Richard Kane about the history and significance of J. Fred Woell, a metalsmith, jeweler and political artist. Originally scheduled to be shown at the SNAG conference, this documentary will be available again for an online limited screening on December 2nd & 3rd, and is FREE to all SNAG members!

Woell made satirical commentary on the dark side of history. Woell had profound beliefs in our democratic ideals yet saw the flaws in our politics. An inspiring, humble and humorous artist and teacher, Woell opened the door to seeing anew.

Online Screenings – December 2nd & 3rd, 2020
Information on how to view the film will be emailed to members on October 25th. If you have not received this information please contact us.

DVDs of Documentary
Copies are available for purchase at SNAG//SPACE for Institutional use, Library use and Personal/Home use.

Handouts from the 20th Century
A Collection of Teaching Aids Created and/or Gathered by J. Fred Woell During his 20 Years of Teaching are also available to purchase at SNAG//SPACE.

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