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Member Achievements – March 2013

2013 NICHE Award

These members are 2013 NICHE Award winners.  The NICHE Awards program recognizes the creative achievements of professional and student artists based in the U.S. and Canada.

Professional Category

Joe Diemer for “Gothic Spire Birdcage”

Sophia Georgiopoulou for “Chiarscuro Necklace”

Aleksandra Vali for “Chocolate Dessert Rotating Ring”

Alison Bear for “Lace Cuff”

Ezra Satok-Wolman for “The Mathematical Fingerprint of God and Teensegrity Icosahedron”

Liaung Chung Yen for “Secret Garden Necklace”

Yuka Okane Inoue for “Every Eye Is Unique”

Sooyoung Kim for “Fruit of Life

Jacob Albee for “Promise Ring”

Melissa Lovingood for “Torah Pointer”

Brian Ferrell for “Water Vessel Set

Student Category

Adrian Brown for “Secrets”

Melissa Kaye for “Etched Shakudo Bangle”

Corrina Goutos for “Lim(b)itless”

Ryu-Hee Kim for “I Miss You”

Ben Dory for “Scaled Ovoid

Grace Gaynor for “Handheld Image Viewer”

Mary Lynn Podiluk for “Metalanguage”


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Member Achievements – February 2013

Anne Havel
Anne Havel is a finalist for the Niche Awards in the medium of Metal-Enameled for her piece “State of the Earth Series:  From Above, This is What I See.”  Additionally, Anne was one of three artists featured in the article “Enameling with Fire” in the November 2012 issue of Lapidary Journal/Jewelry Artist.

Anne will be teaching torch-fired enameling at Jewelry Studies International in Austin, TX from April 15-19, 2013 and at Genevieve Flynn Studios in Kansas city, MO from June 14-16, 2013.  She will also be teaching “How to Know What to Charge for Your Work” at the International Society of Glass Beadmakers’ (ISGB) annual conference in Rochester, NY on July 24 & 25, 2013.

Kaminer Haislip

Kaminer Haislip was recently honored with the “Made in the South Award” in the Home category by Garden & Gun magazine.  Visit for the details.  For the published article, see the December 2012/January 2013 issue of Garden & Gun magazine.

Joe Silvera

Joe Silvera was recently featured in two episodes of Beads, Baubles and Jewels a fraft show on PBS.  Episode 1711: Making Connections aired January 10, 2013 and Episode 1712: Creative Textures aired January 17, 2013.


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Magazine Roundup – October 2012

Ornament Volume 35 Number 5 has articles on both Debra Lynn Gold and Mary Donald,a feature on the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston that includes a stunning John Paul Miller necklace, and a feature about Bill Seeley and his Reactive Metals Studio.

Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist ‘s August issue contains features and work by James Binnion, Elizabeth ‘Betsy’ Porter, and Cynthia Eid.  A tool and tips article written by Helen Driggs, and a ‘Doer’s Profile on Shana Kroiz. Other work featured is by So Young Park, Pierre-Yves Paquette, Judith Kinghorn, and J. Fred Woell.

Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist ‘s September/October issue contains a tool and tips article written by Helen Driggs, and a ‘Doer’s Profile on Jan Arthur Harrell. Other work featured is by Helen Blythe-Hart, Nancy Megan Corwin, Charles Lewton-Brain, Nanz Aaland, Tim McCreight, Miranda Scott, and Don Friedlich.

American Craft August/September 2012 includes features on both Ruth Reifen and David Huang‘s work, and includes pieces by Evan Chambers and Casey Sheppard in the ‘Goods for Your Life’ section. A feature on Style Makers includes works by Steven Ford/David Forlano, Talya Baharal, Heather Guidero, Reiko Ishiyama, Marianne Hunter, Donna Veverka, Valerie Hector, and Carol Windsor.  Lastly, the section on ‘Ideas’ features a piece by Jennifer Trask.

Art Jewelry September 2012 issue features a tool review by Annie Pennington, a tool article by Andy Cooperman, the ‘Gallery’ section includes work by Evelyn Dombrowski and Richard Salley, who also wrote a feature article for the ‘Project’ section.

MJSA Journal 9/12 issue includes an announcement about student winners of MJSA Educational Foundation scholarships, which include student members Jessica Armstrong and Chelsey Hammersmith. The ‘Ideas & Inspiration’ section showcases Manya Tessler (half of Manya & Roumen), Diana Vincent, and Todd Reed. Oliver Passe wrote a feature for the ‘At the Bench’ section. And a feature on Elizabeth Garvin who won the Mort Abelson New Designer of the Year Award .

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Member Achievements – October 2012

Kristin Diener’s Ring Form: Contraption was recently included in the book “Showcase 500 Rings: New Directions in Art Jewelry” published by Lark Crafts.  This book can be found in stores or online at


Sophie Hughes sent her collection down the runway at New York’s Fashion Week on September 9, 2012.  Stylists chose over 40 pieces to include in pre-show photo shoots as well as walking down the runway.



Studio Jeweler Linda Kaye-Moses (above) was featured in “Cloth, Paper Scissors,” a craft periodical devoted to the art of mixed media artists. Kaye-Moses’ work explores the use of ‘nesting cases’ or enclosures for her jewels with many of her pieces, often combined with original poems. These pieces incorporate the use of traditional jewelry making techniques and metal clay.  Linda was also published in the new book Contemporary Metal Clay Rings, authored by Hattie Sanderson and published by Brynmorgen Press.


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Member Achievements – August 2012

Jim Cohen

Jim Cohen has assumed the presidency of the American Guild of Judaic Art (AGJA). AGJA is a multinational organization of over 130 members dedicated to celebrating the diversity of Judaic art around the world and connecting with those who create art inspired by Jewish traditions and ritual. Cohen has previously been a member of the SNAG Board of Directors and is finishing his term as President of the New Mexico Metalsmiths Guild.



Chelsea Fay


Chelsea Fay was awarded the $15,000 Tiffany & Co. Foundation Metals & Jewelry Design Endowed Scholarship.

Reiko Ishiyama was selected as an Awards of Excellence winner at the 2012 Baltimore ACC show.

Susan Myers’ fabricated metalwork is on view at the Philadelphia International Airport. The exhibit, “For Your Entertainment,” is located in five large cases in Terminal A-West at the airport and will be on display until January 2013.

Michelle Pajak-Reynolds

Michelle Pajak-Reynolds was featured on the television program “Indelible Impression with TeeMcBee,” discussing her jewelry projects and the advantages of investing in custom jewelry. Three pieces from her “Water’s Edge” collection are included in the Touchstone Center for Craft exhibition at Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fallingwater estate. Pajak-Reynolds was also a finalist in this year’s COSE Arts Business Challenge. HGTV’s Dina Manzo wore her “Pirouette bracelet” on the red carpet for the Project Ladybug Bash in Chicago, and her “Fallen Trees bracelets” and “Crystalline necklace” were featured in The Burr Magazine.

Mark Thone

Mark Thone received second place in the Annual World Championship Belt Buckle Competition for his Chased Buckle made of red brass.

Aleksandra Vali’s works were selected to be presented in the book Gemstone Settings by Anastasia Young. Vali’s piece Essence of Water was also featured on the cover of the book.

Marina Babic received first place in Beads in the 2012 Saul Bell Design Award Competition held by Rio Grande. Brian Quigley took second place in Silver, and Jennifer Park received second place in Enamel.