Committees & Program Coordinators

Diversity, Equity, Accessibility & Inclusion

Laritza Garcia, matt lambert, Anne Bujold, Brian Fleetwood, Coelina Edwards, Mary Raivel, Zahra Almajidi, Kee-Ho Yuen

Educational Endowment Scholarships

Nick Grant Barnes, Chair
Ana Lopez

Awards annual scholarships to current undergraduate and graduate students. Learn more

Exhibitions Planning

Agnes Ma, Chair

Josh Kosker, Caitlin McDonald, Jaydan Moore, Stephen Saracino,  Sandra Zilker

Develops traveling exhibitions, oversees emerging curator grant and the annual online exhibition. Learn more

Resource Development/Fundraising

Elizabeth Shypertt, Chair

Brooke Battles, Kat Cole, Jenna Schaifer, Jessica Todd

Your tax-deductible donation helps SNAG in its mission to advance the art of jewelry and metalsmithing through its programs and publications. Learn more

Lifetime Achievement Award

2021 Committee: TBA
Coordinator: TBA

The highest honor SNAG can bestow upon an individual. Awarded to individuals who have made a significant contribution to the field of contemporary metalsmithing. Learn more


Lauren Eckert, Kirk Lang, Lorena Lazard, Katja Toporski

Provides editorial, advertorial, and financial guidance, feedback, and advice for Metalsmith and Metalsmith Tech. Learn more

Nominations & Elections

Sharon Massey, Chair

Jessica Armstrong, Liz Clark

Responsible for the nomination and election of SNAG board members and NEC committee members. Learn more

 SOFA Lecture Series

Don Friedlich

Exposes collectors to the metals field by offering SOFA exhibitors the opportunity to present their work in a lecture format.  SNAG sponsored lectures are presented at SOFA Chicago and SOFA New York. Learn more

Social Media & Communications

Tara Jecklin, Jane Ritchie, Zahra Almajidi, Coelina Edwards, Yuta Yang, Sandra Atlas-Gordon, Stacy Rodgers, Kat Cole

Volunteer Coordinator

to be announced

SNAG 2020 Conference

Conference Coordinating Committee

Kristin Mitsu Shiga, Rachel Smith, Rod McCormick, Caroline Gore, Mallory Weston, Maria Eife

Conference Programming Committee

Seth Papac, Doug Bucci, Jessica Todd, Marilyn da Silva, Lindsay Mis

Conference Exhibitions Committee

Caroline Gore, Chair
Emily Zilber, Bella Neyman, Marjorie Simon, Elizabeth Essner

Adorned Spaces

Agnes Ma, Josh Kosker

A multiple-exhibition and sale event held at the SNAG conference. Learn more

Silent Auction and Raffles

Silent Auction –  Arielle Brackett and Tayja Danger

Raffle – Talya Kantro and Marlene True

Tool in the Hat Raffle – Dianne deBeixedon and Jane Ritchie

The Silent Auction and Tool in the Hat raise money for SNAG’s programming. The Raffle funds SNAG’s Educational Endowment Scholarships. Learn more

Education Resource Room

Rachel Smith, Alejandra Carrillo-Estrada

An opportunity for prospective students at SNAG conferences to learn more about undergraduate and graduate degree programs and workshops. Learn more

New Professionals Work Exchange

Tabitha Ott

Work six hours at the SNAG conference in return for a partial refund on your conference fee. Open to selected new professionals. Learn more

Portfolio Reviews

Alejandra Carrillo-Estrada

Members can have a private review of their work by well-respected professionals in the field. Learn more

Juried Student Exhibition

Agnes Ma

Held each year during the SNAG conference. Learn more

Student Slide Show

Patricia Madeja

Held each year during the SNAG conference. Learn more

Student Work Exchange

Tabitha Ott

Work six hours at the SNAG conference in return for a partial refund on your conference fee. Open to selected students. Learn more

Exhibition in Motion

Matt Lambert, Louise Perrone, Celina Zisman, Kat St. Aubin

A runway-type live exhibition event that takes place at the SNAG conference. Learn more

Trunk Show Sale

Pam Robinson

A retail show of members’ work open to the public, held during the SNAG conference. Learn more

Conference Student Scholarships

Dan DiCaprio

Money raised underwrites the conference fee for student recipients. Learn more

Conference Volunteer Coordinator

Tabitha Ott

Volunteers make SNAG’s annual conference possible! Learn more

Pre/Post Conference Workshops

Jera Lodge

Held before and after SNAG conferences. Learn more

Education Dialogue

Rachel Smith, Patricia Madeja, Courtney Grey

Fosters open dialogue about the issues facing educators today, presented at each conference. Learn more

People make SNAG work! Get involved. Learn more