Directions Unknown

2007 SNAG Conference
“Directions Unknown: Looking Forward, Learning from History”
Memphis, TN
Hosted by the Metal Museum

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Keynote Speaker:

Ralph Caplan, “Directions Unknowable”

Other Speakers:

  • Phillip Baldwin, “Barbarians Meet the Machine: The Art Knife Movement”
  • Elizabeth Brim, “Women in Iron”
  • Michael Croft, “Contemporary Automata: The Art of Animated Figures”
  • Carissa Hussong, “Size Matters: Where Public Art and Metal Meet”
  • Tom Joyce, “ Sotto Vocce”
  • Hyewon Lee, “Contemporary Korean Metal Artists”
  • Randy Milhoan, “The Bad Boys and Girls of Metal: The Legacy Summervail”
  • Rosanne Raab, “Earl Pardon: Palette Maestro” with special guest Tod Pardon
  • Felieke van der Leest, “The Zoo of Life”
  • Dr. Courtney Young, “Environmental Stewardship in the Gold Mining Industry; Can Cyanide and Mercury be Used Safely”