The Nominations and Elections Committee Candidate – 2021

Leslie Shershow


Leslie Shershow


Originally from midcoast Maine, Leslie Shershow has lived all over the country pursuing her passion as an artist, jeweler, teacher, and student. She has exhibited her work nationally and internationally; participating in exhibitions at Galerie Marzee, Sienna Gallery, Gallery Loupe, Alliages, and during various SNAG conferences. Most recently, her work was chosen for the 2021 Schmuck Exhibition. Leslie received her BFA from the Massachusetts College of Art and Design, and her MFA from San Diego State University. She has held teaching positions at The School of the Museum of Fine Arts, San Diego State University, and New Mexico State University. She is currently an artist-in-residence at the Baltimore Jewelry Center.

Through the use of experimental techniques, bright colors, luminescence, and iconic forms, Leslie’s work explores themes of nostalgia, longing, kitsch, memory, and the souvenir.


Duties of the Nominations and Elections Committee (NEC)

The SNAG Constitution establishes the existence of a standing committee to conduct an election of officers at the annual meeting.  The Nominations and Elections Committee’s duties are further explained in the By-Laws to include all aspects of the nominations and elections processes in order to continue the leadership of the organization.

Each member of the NEC serves for three years and chairs the committee during the third year.  The two main roles of the committee are the creation of a slate of candidates for the upcoming annual election and the running of the election itself leading up to and including the annual meeting.

Members of the committee will work under the direction of the committee chair to generate the slate by accepting nominations from the membership and contacting nominees to discern if they wish to be candidates.  In certain cases, the NEC actively recruits candidates for particular offices in order to fill vacancies or find candidates with specific skill sets needed by the organization.  NEC members should develop a strong understanding of the way the SNAG operates in order to provide potential candidates with an accurate idea of their future responsibilities.

Beginning a few months before the annual election, the NEC creates the election process itself; deciding how the election will be publicized, how the votes will be collected, and working with the conference planners to determine how the election will fit into the conference.  NEC members work to promote SNAG-member participation in the election both before and during the election.

As a member of the NEC, you will work with the SNAG staff, and other volunteers to find the next set of leaders for the organization.  Committee members’ time expenditure varies throughout the year, with the heavy periods being about half-way between conferences and just before the conference.  Members also work at the conference to staff the voting table.  The Chair of the committee is responsible for organizing all of these efforts and communicating the NEC’s activities directly to the SNAG board and staff.  NEC Chair attends the Fall and Spring SNAG Board meeting.

Serving on the NEC gives you the opportunity to serve SNAG in a vital role, and to help develop the future leadership of the organization.