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Thank you to everyone who donated during our annual fundraising appeal, November 2018-January 2019! Your thank you letters and perks will be in the mail soon.

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Sign up to give automatically each month! Just select “Monthly Recurring Donation” when filling out the online donation form or contact SNAG at 541-345-5689.  zfefbxtadvwfxrbzsvduv102018!4Giving Every Month (GEM) Program
Sign up to give automatically each month! Just select “Monthly Recurring Donation” when filling out the online donation form or contact SNAG at 541-345-568

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Your tax-deductible donation in any amount will help SNAG in its mission to advance the art of jewelry and metalsmithing through its programs and publications, and will assure its financial strength.

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Thank You

We are deeply grateful to every single supporter and partner. Your contribution reflects the importance you place on services that SNAG provides to its members and to the entire jewelry and metals community, and gives SNAG the support it needs to continue serving the field.  100% of our board of directors made SNAG a priority in their annual giving.

We want to acknowledge and thank all those people who contributed in 2017. If we have inadvertently missed including you here, please email us. *Indicates those who give a donation every month (GEMs).

$10,000 to $29,999
Gemological Institute of America
Rio Grande

$5,000 to $9,999
Brigitte Martin*
Creative Metalsmiths
Halstead Bead, Inc.
Otto Frei
Studio Us

$2,500 to $4,999
Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts
Dominique Bereiter*
Cool Tools
Creative Metalworks
Dianne deBeixedon
Downeast Trading
Cynthia Eid
Facèré Jewelry Art Gallery
Gem & Lapidary Wholesalers
Hauser & Miller
J. Cotter Gallery
Nicole Jacquard
Myron Toback
Penland School of Crafts
Reactive Metals Studio
Ezra Satok-Wolman
Elizabeth Shypertt

$1,000 to $2,499
Aaron Faber
Fernando Aguayo-Garcia
Christopher Balch*
Denise Betesh
Bill Gangi Multisensory Arts
Carrera Casting
Center for Metal Arts
Charon Kransen Arts
Petra A. Class
Creative Side Jewelry Academy
Davide Bigazzi Studio
Eureka Springs School of the Arts
Brian Ferrell*
Anne Havel*
Haystack Mountain School of Crafts
George & Bevelry Hritz
Mary Lee Hu
Idyllwild Arts
JEC Products, Inc.
Jewelers Who Think Outside The Box
Jewelry Creations Workshop
John C. Campbell Folk School
Knew Concepts
Thomas Markusen
Mendocino Art Center
Moeller Family Foundation
National Ornamental Metal Museum
North American Bancard
North Bennet Street School
OQZO Metalsmith
Paducah School of Art and Design
Patina Gallery
Peters Valley School of Craft
Pierres de Charme
Potter USA
Rosario Garcia Designs
Gwynne Rukenbrod Smith*
Studio Jewelers
Tripp Lake Camp
Tucson Gem & Mineral Society
April Wood*

$500 to $999
Amber Expo
American Gem Trade Association
Artemis Gallery
Jill Baker Gower
Boris Bally
Baltimore Jewelry Center
Billanti Casting
Gail M. Brown
Canadian Gemmological Association
Kat Cole
Jason Conyard
Dartmouth College
Arline Fisch
JFF Jeweler Supply
Robin Kraft
Legacy Findings
Nancy Linkin
Linda MacNeil
Carol Maione
Becky & Tedd McDonah
Rika Mouw
Nomad’s Lapidary Co., Inc.
Rare Earth Mining
Rock Deco
Sanders Visual Images
Schiffer Books
Seven Fingers Jewelers
Helen Shirk
Jan Smith
Lin Stanionis
Emily Stoehrer
Patricia Telesco
The Enamelist Society
Thomas Mann Gallery I/O
Underwood Family Charitable Foundation
United Precious Metals Refining
Virginia Commonwealth University
Wayne Art Center
William Harper Jeweler
Renee Zettle-Sterling*

$250 to $499
Accounting for Jewelers
Sue Amendolara
Amy Roper Designs
Arizona Artist Blacksmith Association
Belle Brooke Designs
Michael Bennett
Brooklyn Metal Works
Kendra Bruno*
Patricia Carlson
Center for Contemporary Arts
Sunyoung Cheong
Bongsang Cho
Jeff Clancy
Betty Cooke
Cranbrook Academy of Art
Susan Cummins
Neeta Gupta
I.M.A.G.I.N.E. Peace Now
Tom Joyce
Kent State University
Kings Ransom
L.A. Pai Gallery
Tamara Laird
Linda Lasater
Tara Locklear
Jera Lodge
Kristin Lora
Lauren Markley
Michele Mercaldo Contemporary Jewelry Design
Judith Neugebauer
New Orleans School of Metalsmithing
North Country Studio Workshops
emiko oye & Matthew Cantu
Annie Publow
Radical Jewelry Makeover
Mary Raivel
Jane Ritchie*
Karen & Michael Rotenberg
Turid Senungetuk
Peggy Shiffrin
Kiff Slemmons
Anika Smulovitz
Southern Illinois University Carbondale
Christine Sundt
The Society of Arts and Crafts
Touchstone Center for Crafts
Julie Veitch
Visual Arts Center of Richmond
Waterworks Gallery
Jeff & Susan Wise
Wendy Yothers

$100 to $249
Amazigh Cultural Tours Morocco
Amy Sookyung Augustin
Haley Renee Bates
Susan Beech
Elaine Bennett
Tracy Lee Black
Betty Blasdel
Deborah Boskin
Judy Brand
Kathleen Browne
Sue Bryan
Raissa Bump
Harlan W. Butt
Sarabeth Carnat*
Gillian Coe
Hanna Cook-Wallace*
Cappy Counard
Cultured Pearl Association of America
David Gardner
Margarite Parker Guggolz
Anne M. Heinz
Diane Hulse
Carissa Hussong
Maamoun Jabali
Maryclaire M. Jordan
Janis Kerman
Nancy Klotz

$100 to $249 continued
Ruth Laug
Anne Lingener-Reece
Sarah Loch-Test
Randy Long
Betty Helen Longhi
Richard Mawdsley
Paul McClure*
Barbara McFadyen
Patience Morgan
Gene Pijanowski
Catherine M. Sabinash
Carolyn Schneider
Miriam Schulman
Chris Shea
Sarah Sitarz
Lauren Slowik
James H. Smith
Barbara Stutman
E. Dee Tabor
Jen Townsend
Margaret Trumbull
Munya Avigail Upin
Wear Ever Jewelry
Judy Wenig-Horswell
Carole Wilson
Stephen Yusko

$99 and under
Moneerah Alayar
Mandy Allen
Deborah Amaral
Kristin Anderson
Michael Anderson
Manuela Arnal
Nancy Arnet
Mary Atwater
David & Karen Baker
Amanda Bartlett
Brooke Battles
Barb Baur
Cassandra Bazos*
Anya Kristin Beeler
Hanne Behrens
Erica Bello
Patrick Benesh-Liu
Rosalie Berberian
Julia Betts
Paul Bickart
Sofia Bjorkman
Nisa R. Blackmon
Helen Blythe-Hart
Laura Bouton
Jim Bové
Jasper Brinton
Benicia Broeker
Stephanie Brohman
Adrian Brown
Parker Brown
Shauna Burke
Ron Burnham
Angela Caldwell
Melissa Cameron
Karen A. Cantine*
Crystal Chesnik
Mew Chiu
Judy Clinton
Lezlie Cobb
Krista Coleman-Silvers
Andy Cooperman
Nikki Couppee
Guy Cresap
Kim Cridler
Diana Crumay
Elizabeth A. Dalzell
Deborah Richardson Designs, Inc.
Erica DeMarco
Nicole Deschamps-Benke
Charles Dion-Chapelle
Sandra Donahue
Sharon Duttle
Terri Dworkin
Joshua Edelstein
Jamie Feinstein
Nina Fersen
Peg Fetter
Anne Fiala
Genevieve Flynn
Michele Fox
Susie Ganch
John Garbett
Jose Garcia
Beth Ann Gerstein
Cassie Groover
Jennifer Lee Hallsey
Susan Harbourt
Cassey Harrell
Patricia Harris
Julia Harrison
Annette Hirsh
Kevin Hoffman
Clare Hooper
Pam Hurst
Lois Jecklin
Tara Jecklin
Lisa Jelliffe*
BJ Johnson
Mica Johnson
Lanelle Keyes
Judith Kinghorn
Kelly Marie Kinser
Margaret Kittle-Kamp
Kristi D Kloss
Galatea Kontos
Robin Kramer
Sue Kwak
Rachael Lagarde
Lynn Latta
Brandon Lavergne
Terrence Lavin
Charles Lewton-Brain
Nichole Licking
Kate Lindsay
Ana Lopez
Patty Ludwig
Mary J. Luke
Florence MacDonald
Stacey M. Maddock
Patricia Madeja
Edna Madera
Jan Mandel
Yleana Martinez
Sharon Massey
Joseph Mayo
Nora McCarthy
Ann McCosker
Susan McDonough
Vitrice McMurry
Gina Mead
Kathy Meunier
Myra Mimlitsch-Gray
Angela Mini Jo
Pasha Moezzi
Farzaneh Masnavian Motlagh
Eleanor Moty
Nancy Moyer
Aalia Mujtaba
Kristin Muller
Paige Munroe
Sharyn Murray
Kat Myers
Tamar Navama
Bella Neyman
Brigid O’Hanrahan
Komelia H. Okim
Ave Palguta
Jillian Palone
Diana Parrish
Sue Pekarsky Gary
Sarah Perkins
Mini A. Polumbaum
Prema Materia
Nash Quinn
Jayne Redman
Dianne Reilly
Connor Remboldt
Gloria Reyes
David Rogers
Rea Rossi
Helene Safire
Daniel Schlosser
Calina Shevlin
Donna Shimazu
Brenda Silverman
Marjorie Simon
Susan Sitzes
John A. Smith
Rachel Suzanne Smith
Katie Sorenson
Lauren Sorochinsky
Cecilia Sozzi
Olga Starostina
Kalaya Steede
Paul Stoll
Joanna Storm
Sarah Strong
Brenda Stubbs
Teresa Sullivan
Sarah Peters Sunderland
Donna Sweigart
Sherry Terao
Francesco Teresi
Andrea Terry
Sheena Thomas
Liana Tomchesson
Katja Toporski
Marlene True
Charlene Tullo
Lynn Vernon
Kathleen Wade
Marti Wakshlag
Lynda L. Watson
Wayne Werner
Gina Westergard
Suzanne Whitehead
CeCe Wire
Nancy Worden
Emma Zanetti
Lenae Zirnheld