SNAG Links

SNAG LinksThe SNAG Links Project was originally conceived of and coordinated by Linda Kaye-Moses from 1996-2001. In this project, Linda invited 12 artists to create a link (a pendant-like adornment) utilizing their unique skill-sets. The pieces were documented, then donated to the annual conference silent auction.

Victoria Lansford revived the project in 2015, with the links displayed annually at the SNAG conference. In keeping with Linda’s concept, each year Victoria invites artists to create links. Each link is for sale individually at the conference.

All of the 2015-2017 links are featured in online exhibitions. Some links are still available for purchase.

The artists have also contributed to the Linking Our Lineage books, in keeping with SNAG’s commitment to preserve and disseminate knowledge within our community. There are three ebooks focusing on the technical processes involved in each link through detailed instructions, process photos, and videos. Volume 1 is also now available in print. See Linking Our Lineage, Volumes 1-3, which illustrate how the links were made.

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