going to the eXtremes

2010 SNAG Conference
“going to eXtremes”
Houston, TX
Hosted by The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston


Keynote Speaker

Caroline Broadhead “To the Edge”

Other Speakers

Robert Baines “Extremities of the Bogus and the Authentic and Goldsmith Spaces in Between”
Kristin Beeler “Beauty and other Monsters”
Kathleen Brown “Irresistible Impulse: The Maker and HyperPractice”
Gabriel Craig “Altruism, Activism, and the Moral Imperative in Craft”
David Huycke “The Metamorphic Ornament”
Lauren Kalman “Pearls, Papules, Pain and Piercing”
Beverly Penn “Second Nature: Art as Primary Experience”
Cindy Strauss