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My jewellery is primarily aimed at men. Even in the supposedly free world in which we now live, jewellery for men is circumscribed by what footballers and actors wear, reported by magazines, filtered through a corrupting veil of media; men dare not strike out for fear of being tagged an outsider, a loser, effeminate...

Using what would traditionally be seen as masculine materials – iron, steel – from traditionally masculine backgrounds – the road, the building site, the machine-shop – I look back to the last time men could freely wear jewellery: the Renaissance.

Renaissance jewellery was a glorious, allegorical, blackly humorous, alchemical mess. It was a triumph of skill and material over taste. It mixed precious with semiprecious with worthless, a riot of colour and shape. It was huge and overblown. It verged on the unwearable, comfort sacrificed, preferring to make statements about the wearer's beliefs, power and money. So it is with my own work: it takes a bold person to wear a piece by The Justified Sinner.

Having worked at the bench since I was fourteen, breaking only to study landscaping and horticulture for three years, my work uses classic bench jewellery skills to transform unglamorous found, corroded iron into mystical jewels, created with the same care as would traditionally be lavishly bestowed upon precious materials.


1964, Bothwell, Scotland.


1981 – 1985, BSc. (Hons) Horticulture, London University
1994 – 1996, PGCSE (TQFE), Strathclyde University (including D 32, D33)

Relevant Employment History:

1976 – 1988, Various part-time and full-time work with John Gilchrist/The Ringmaker, Glasgow; Bench jeweller

1988 – 1990, Part-time lecturer, North Glasgow College

Current: Withheld at request of employer

Current: Independent jewellery maker

Further Personal Development:

2007 – Hand Engraving with Sam Alfano

2007 – Introductory Blacksmithing with Peat Oberon

2008 – Mokume Gane and Damascus Steel with Mark Constable

2009 – “Design at the Edge” workshops with Prof. Robert Ebendorf

2010 – Rhino 3D CAD training

2011 – Matrix Gemvision training

Professional Organisations:

Director and Deputy Chairman: Association of Contemporary Jewellers

Member: Society of North American Goldsmiths


2008 – Paper: “Electrolytic Etching”, SNAG Technical Bulletin, 2nd Quarter

2009 – “1000 Ideas for Creative Re–Use”, ISBN: 978–15925354082010

2010 – “500 Gemstone Jewels”, Lark Books, ISBN: 978–1600593413

2010 – “Found Object Jewellery”, Stackpole Books, ISBN: 978–0811706028

2011 – “New Rings: 500 Designs From Around The World”, Thames & Hudson, ISBN: 978–0500289334

2011 – "Contemporary Jewellery Yearbook", Promapress, Barcelona

2011 – "Serendipity Magazine" issue 3, "Apocalyptic Art"

2012 – "Humour In Craft", Brigitte Martin, Schiffer, ISBN: 978–0764340598

2012 – "The Guide To Gemstone Setting", Anastasia Young, A&C Black, ISBN: 978–1408154991

2012 – "Heat, Color, Set & Fire", Mary Hettmansperger, Lark Books, ISBN: 978–1454700166

2012 – “Art Jewellery Magazine”, ed. Theresa Ablew, May 2012, “Hardware Store Jewelry”

2012 – “Metalsmith” exhibition in print, “Gothic Jewelry – Sinister Pleasures”, curated Valerie Steele, August 2012.

2012 – “Jewel Book 12/13, International Annual of Contemporary Jewel Art”, Ed. Campos, Hogg, Dempf & Leclercq, Pub. Stichting Kunstboek, ISBN 978–9058564108

2012 – “Heavy Metal”, feature article in “Scotland On Sunday” magazine, “Spectrum”, Peter Ross, 4th November, 2012

2012 – “Pushing Boundaries”, feature article in “Silver Styles” magazine, Olivia Quiniquini, 8th December, 2012

2013 – “The Art of Soldering for Jewellery Makers: Techniques and Projects", Wing Mun Devenney, Pub. Search Press Ltd., ISBN 978-1844489626

2013 – “Showcase 500 Art Necklaces”, Ed. Ray Hemachandra and Chunghi Choo Kathy Sheldon, Pub. Lark Books, ISBN 978-1454703525

2013 – 14 – “Storytelling” – Series of articles over four issues, “Serendipity Magazine”

2013 – “Enough Violence: Artists Speak Out”, Privately published exhibition book, collaboration with photographer, Simon Murphy

2014 – "On Body and Soul: Contemporary Armor to Amulets", Suzanne Ramljak, Pub. Schiffer, ISBN-13: 978-0764346477

2014 - “Behind The Brooch”, Loren Angulo, Pub. Schiffer, ISBN 978-0764345593

2014 – (Pending) “Patina: 300 Surface Effects for Jewelers & Metalsmiths”, Matt Runfola, Pub. Interweave Press, ISBN 978-1620331392

Ongoing: book and exhibition reviewer for “Findings” magazine

Online galleries:

2008 – Carrotbox, Jewellery Website, feature

2008 – Etsy, featured artist

2009 – V&A “Find, Make, Wear”, curated by Dorothy Hogg

2009 – HCJ Project, Jewellery Website, featured artist

2009 – ACJ Website, featured artist

2010 – Mar del Color Rosa, Jewellery Website, featured artist

2010 – Crafthaus, Craft Website featured artist

2010 – Etsy, featured artist

2010 – Front Page Artist, SNAG Website

2011 – Beads–Perles, Jewellery Website, Interview

2011 –, Jewellery Website, Interview

2012 – Crafthaus, Craft Website, Featured artist

2013 – KOJewel, Jewellery Website, Featured artist

Solo and Group Exhibitions:

1992 –1999 – Various PLE exhibitions around Europe

1999 – “Self–Defence In The Year 2000” - Connect Gallery, Glasgow

2005 – North Glasgow College Show, Tron Theatre, Glasgow

2009 – ACJ Scotland, Winter Show, WASPS Gallery, Dundee

2010 – Goldsmiths' Hall, Craft and Design Awards, London

2010 – ACJ Show, "Treasure" - London Jewellery Week

2010 – “Re:Collect” - Llantarnam Grange, Cwmbran, Wales

2011 – Landfill Art Project, Pennsylvania, USA

2011 – “Beneath The Skin” - Sheffield Institute of Arts, Sheffield

2011 – “Treasure” - London Jewellery Week

2011 – “The Kiss: Works inspired by The Cure” - Green Lion Gallery, Grand Rapids, USA

2012 – Solo show, Llantanam Grange, Cwmbran, Wales

2012 – Group show as part of North Glasgow College, Halifax, Canada

2012 – “Gothic Jewelry, Sinister Pleasures” - SOFA, Chicago, SNAG Exhibition; curated Valerie Steele

2012 – , “Gothic Jewelry, Sinister Pleasures” - Metals Museum, Tennessee, SNAG Exhibition; curated Valerie Steele

2013 – “Ferrous” - Velvet Da Vinci, San Francisco; curated Mike Holmes, Elizabeth Shypert and Brigitte Martin

2013 - “I Am Iron Man” - Solo show, Ayse Jewellery Gallery, Istabul, Turkey

2013 - “Earrings Galore” - Heidi Lowe Gallery, Delaware, USA

2013 – “Typography” – Royal Exchange Theatre, Manchester, England; curated Rachael Noone

2013 - “Handmade By Machines” - The Lighthouse, Glasgow, Scotland

2013 – “Darkness Descends” – Cursley and Bond Gallery, Folkestone, England

2013-14 “Enough Violence: Artists Speak Out” – Society For Contemporary Crafts, Pittsburgh; curated by Kate Lydon; collaborative work with Simon Murphy, Photographer

Ongoing relationship with Cursley and Bond Gallery, Folkestone, Kent, UK


Finalist in PMC Studio open competition, 2006

Exhibited as part of Goldsmiths' Hall Craftsmanship and Design Awards, 2010

Research, scholarly activity and subject updating:

2003 – Experimental Mokume processes

2005 – Experimental Niello processes

2006 – Safer methods of Etching; Electrolytic Etching

2008 – present – collaboration with Dee Wilder (polymer clay artist)

2009 – collaboration with Sergey Jivetin (jeweller)

2009 – collaboration with Emily Watson (jeweller)

2009 – present – collaborations with Lisa Stevens (ceramic artist)

2010 – collaboration with Cóilín Ó Dubhghaill (japanese alloy specialist and jeweller)

2012 – 13 – Curating online exhibiton on Crafthaus with Jeff Zimmer

2013 – 15 – Curating exhibition with Cari-Jane Hakes, “The Culling is Coming”

2014 – 15 – Assisting with curation of "Handmade By Machines" with Karen-Anne Dicken

Ongoing – regular communications with other jewellers around the world

Ongoing – personally-driven research into 3D technologies

Invited Lecturer:

2003 – Cornton Vale Prison – Basic jewellery skills – working with offenders

2006 – PLE Conference, Glasgow – Press–forming Techniques for the Small Workshop

2010 – ACJ Conference “Crossings”, West Dean, Sussex – Electrolytic Etching

2011 – Pittsburgh Centre for Contemporary Craft, Pittsburgh, PA, USA – “The New Junk Jewellery”

2012 – Pittsburgh Centre for Contemporary Craft, Pittsburgh, PA, USA - “You Can't Wear That” and “Expanding Techniques – Lesser-Known Techniques for Jewellers”

2013 – California College of the Arts, Oakland, San Francisco, USA – Talk about personal processes and works

2013 – Touchstone Center For Crafts, Farmington, PA, USA - “Ferrous Jewellery”

2013 – Pittsburgh Centre for Contemporary Craft, Pittsburgh, PA, USA – “Secrets and Surprises”

2013 – Shuman Detention Centre, Pittsburgh, PA, USA – “Enough Violence”, work with young offenders


Rob Jackson; Robert Ebendorf; Pat Flynn; Keith LoBue; Gilbert Scott; Jules Verne; Edward Gorey; Tim Hunkin; Terry Gilliam; Renaissance jewellery and silverwares, especially ecclesiastical; Victorian mourning jewellery; Hip–hop jewellery.

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Work is not available for sale through the SNAG website. Please contact the artist directly to inquire about making a purchase.