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Modern, individually conceived, handcrafted jewelry from scratch, with a touch of history.
We learn of our humanity from past civilizations, from the art they've left behind. With that in mind, I create jewelry to convey my life experience, the idea of beauty, and hope to inspire confidence.
Using pre-Classical hand fabrication techniques (fusing, metal forming, etc) I introduce unique details and keep the production environmentally sensitive.
Admiration for the stylistic naturalism of the Classical and Hellenistic periods motivates me to emulate natural shapes. While the traditions of Modern Art inspire me to experiment with the metal surface and stone settings. The stones and objects I use (mosaics, coins, carvings, etc) become the palette with which I paint my picture.
I design by making, not fully knowing what the final piece will be. At times, my mistakes become opportunities. By allowing nature to be a part of the process, combined with bold simplicity, my labors result in a unique piece of modern jewelry that fits with everyday wear while maintaining drama for special occasions

Artist/goldsmith, Alla Belenkov grew up in St Petersburg, Russia - a city with a great number of museums, where the study of beauty is a tradition and an inherent part of its culture. Further studies of art history, drawing, and math at Boston University in Boston, metalsmith techniques at Jewelry Art Institute and Bianca Lopez Studio in New York, and LeArti Orafe in Florence, Italy. These studies, combined with extensive travels (Europe, the Middle, and the Far East, Africa, and South America), and passion for history expanded her design styles. The love for jewelry led her to create small wearable art, one-of-a-kind pieces in her NYC studio under the name AB Jewelry.
Her work is sold through a gallery in Pasadena, CA and online. She also works on private commissions

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Work is not available for sale through the SNAG website. Please contact the artist directly to inquire about making a purchase.