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Augmenting geology, deciphering topology, and interpreting family dynamics are all fodder for inspiration. My interests stem from the exposure of edges stripped bare, distilled down to an essence. Studies of fissures, geologic fractures, the glacial erratic, as well as plate tectonics are intermixed and applied within the oblique terrain of familial relationships. My passions lie in observing the minutiae of what could be considered banal, and translating it into sculptural forms.

California born, yet North African raised, Alexandria Carrion received her MFA in Metalsmithing from Cranbrook Academy of Art, in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan. She also holds a BFA degree in Sculpture and Metals from the University of Texas at Austin, Austin, Texas.

Where to Buy

Work is not available for sale through the SNAG website. Please contact the artist directly to inquire about making a purchase.