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I exist in a place between two cities, two countries, two languages, and more that two million people. Observing this as a unique situation, I pull inspiration from my sense of home and place. The city where I live, Ciudad Juárez, Mexico, is a place full of dichotomies. Contrast can be found in the architecture, the landscape, the materials, the people, and even the sounds. These elements serve as the source material for my work.

I utilize found materials such as ceramic tile or adobe building fragments, setting them like stones to express value that is overlooked. I take photographs of the homes and neighborhoods in my city and use them as visual blueprints for the fabricated structures I create in silver and steel.

As a metalsmith and jeweler I combine traditional and non-traditional processes, creating wearable work that references the autobiographical nature of the home, but also speaks to larger ideas of culture, memory, and place. Jewelry, like a story or image, creates a conversation with its user/wearer, and this interaction is an important bridge between understanding and reflecting on shared experiences we may have. Like a souvenir, my jewelry is a portrait of a city you can carry with you.

Cassandra Adame was born in El Paso, Texas, and raised in Ciudad Juárez,
Mexico. She currently attends The University of Texas at El Paso where she is
earning a Bachelor of Fine Arts with a concentration in Studio Art, Jewelry +

She had exhibited on both countries such as Valued, SNAG Conference, New Orleans, LA and ¨Encuentros En la Plástica De Ciudad Juárez¨, INVA (museum of art), Ciudad Juarez. She recently received a grant Arleigh B. and Maxie G. Templeton Endowment for the Arts and have done different internships with jewelry artist such as Georgina Treviño at San Diego, CA.


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Work is not available for sale through the SNAG website. Please contact the artist directly to inquire about making a purchase.