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It is important to me to create my work with the traditional hand tools that allow me time to see the work as it progresses, to focus in on the small details. This process to me is a meditation, but also a form of connection to the planet, to nature, to time. Every shape I create, every hour I spend sanding or hammering the metal, is just a shadow, an imitation of what nature does every day. My humble imitation of nature is my way of paying tribute. The metal technique of mokume gane is especially meaningful in this regard - as I pattern the metal, my tools are imitating the geologic processes of our earth. My chisel is the river, carving through the rock. My hammer is metamorphosis, compressing and deforming. My stamp tool is uplift. My file is erosion, making the patterns visible like the layers of rock in the grand canyon.

I have been teaching jewelry/metalwork classes and creating custom mokume-gane wedding rings, jewelry and one-of-a-kind metal art objects since 1991. I earned my Masters of Fine Art in Jewelry/Metals in 1999, training primarily under Helen Shirk and Arline Fisch at San Diego State University. From 2003-2014 I taught a four-level jewelry/metals course at Southwestern College in Chula Vista. In 2007 I met a group of mokume artists working in Northern California - Toshiyuki Kawai, Earl Bushey, Jerry Blanchard and Gene Novagratsky. With them I learned to fuse, forge and pattern mokume gane using traditional Japanese methods. My work has been shown across the U.S. and in international venues such as the Deutsches Goldschmiedehaus in Hanau, Germany and the Tsubame Industrial Materials Museum in Tsubame, Japan.

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Work is not available for sale through the SNAG website. Please contact the artist directly to inquire about making a purchase.