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By adorning our bodies, we create extensions of the nonphysical through a tangible means. We do this both to express individuality and to associate within a group or community; seemingly opposing ideas that, when examined more closely, are tied together by the need for connectivity. Whether an 18th century brooch depicting the eye of a lover, the dental ornamentation of the Maya, or a series of shell beads unearthed in Israel and dated as far back as 100,000 years, adorning the body does not merely serve to find joy, expression, or belonging, but is an archetypal and essential part of our humanity. We have always searched for connection, whether with others or ourselves; throughout time and regardless of culture or creed, we have decorated, altered, and used our bodies as a way to access and build pathways to transformation.
My work explores the inherent link between the archetypal nature of jewelry and the placing of physical objects on the body, which serves as a bridge between the nonphysical self and the physical world. With objects serving as catalysts for both introspection and interaction, I aim to highlight collective experience, connection and commonality.

Ariella Har-Even is a jeweler and metalsmith currently living in Cleveland, Ohio. She received her BFA in Jewelry and Metals from the Cleveland Institute of Art. She is the recipient of the 2019 AICUO Award for Excellence in the Visual Arts, the First Agnes Gund Memorial Scholarship for Travel, the Kenneth F. Bates Scholarship for Excellence in Enameling, and was a 2019 Windgate Fellowship nominee. Ariella’s work has been exhibited at various locations including the Riffe Gallery (OH), Galleries on High (OH), the Reinberger Gallery (OH), and the First Commonwealth Bank (OH). She has presented her work on adornment as archetype to the Jung Cleveland Association. Through the use and exploration of both traditional and nontraditional jewelry materials, Har-Even aims to use wearable art as a form of storytelling.

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