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The August Axel Jewelry Studio is a creative workshop in Venice Beach, CA. The Studio and classes were designed to serve a range of skills and interests from talented tinkerers to advanced artists.

We were once students, ourselves, so we understand the value of teaching not only "how" but "why".  Our goal is to provide solid and safe bench-instruction, combined with hands-on practice, so artists may operate safely, independently and successfully. (And have a lot of fun at the same time!)

Each of our Instructors has a wealth of knowledge, loads of bench-experience, endless patience and a wicked sense of humor!


I went from being VP of Consumer Engagement with a marketing agency to President of Creating a Better Life Balance While Pursuing My Passion. So literally, with every class that students book through Verlocal, I’m saved from the evil jaws of The Corporate Cubicle.

Above all, though, sharing knowledge and supporting artists is my calling and my gift.  I believe that every student should be treated with respect and care so they feel secure in learning new techniques.

The collective goal, amongst all of the August Axel Jewelry Studio Instructors, is to provide solid and safe bench instruction so students have a platform to take-off and spread their wings, creatively.

We love our jobs and it’s a privilege to contribute to the success of so many talented artists.


Where to Buy

Work is not available for sale through the SNAG website. Please contact the artist directly to inquire about making a purchase.