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As an Instagram hustler and young jeweler, I strive to make work that unapologetically challengestheexpectationsofcontemporaryjewelry.Myboldadornmentslushwithcomplexfabrication,copious amounts of rivets, and avant-garde found chain, create a maximalist aesthetic that can’t beignored. Color is a focal point, often in bright, industrial, bold and neon palettes to reference the candy wrappers, lottery tickets, and other discarded items found on the streets of Baltimore, Maryland. My toy-like and bold bling lives to make viewers question its’ wearability, buyability, and purpose. I make work that does not exist in bubble and introducing jewelry that is a minor threat to the upper echelons transcends the contemporary expectations

Amanda Bartlett is a recent 2018 graduate and BFA recipient of Texas State University with a focus in Metals and Jewelry. They make work that unapologetically challenges the expectations of contemporary jewelry. Amanda uses Rhino CAD 3D programming software, industrial color application, and traditional metalsmithing techniques to create their wearables. Their vibrant and bold neon colored adornments lush with complex fabrication, rivets, and avant-garde found chains or rope, create a maximalist aesthetic that can’t be ignored. Amanda has shown their work in Earrings Galore, Ware/Wear, Offbeat Bijou, Craft Forms, and THREE. Bartlett is stocked by Asher Gallery at the Center of Contemporary Craft in Houston, Texas. They recently finished a 3-month residency at the Baltimore Jewelry Center. Bartlett is currently working on a new collection and conceptual body of work to be released late Spring.

Where to Buy

Work is not available for sale through the SNAG website. Please contact the artist directly to inquire about making a purchase.