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Society of North American Goldsmiths

SNAG, President (2017-2019)

SNAG, President-elect (2016-2017)

SNAG, Board of Directors, 2012-2016

SNAG, Chair, Fundraising & Development (2014-ongoing)

Community Liaison (2012- ongoing)

SNAG, Chair, Professional Development Seminar (2015-2016)

SNAG, Professional Development Seminar (2012-2015)



American Craft Magazine

Editor at Large



Craft Think Tank

- Founder and Co-Organizer with the American Craft Council, since 2012


Member American Craft Council



Awards-Winning Author

Humor in Craft



Published articles (click for links):

On our Radar: Yufei Song

A bag of staples given as a parting gift from her mother, and the rest is history.

American Craft Magazine, August/September 2017


Ode to the Corner Store: Drew Leshko

Urban landscapes at dollhouse scale awaiting the contractor or the bulldozer.

American Craft Magazine, June/July 2017


On Our Radar: Luci Jockel

What do animal remains and Victorian mourning jewelry have in common?

American Craft Magazine, April/May 2017


Around Life's Curves

In an evolving career, Gustav Reyes found an early touchstone in wood.

American Craft Magazine, Feb/March 2017


Small Ant Workshop

Small Ant Workshop’s landscape-inspired bracelets.

American Craft Magazine, Dec/Jan 2017



With their piles of instrument parts, Lisa and Scott Cylinder are taking the components of one art form – music – and creating another.

American Craft Magazine, June/July 2016


Nature, Extracted

Metalsmith Sue Amendolara has found travel to be her creative catalyst.

American Craft Magazine, April/May 2016


Undercurrents of Intimacy

Unexpected materials render Joshua Kosker's jewelry unexpectedly intimate.

American Craft Magazine, Feb/March 2016



Named one of the 5 "Best Art Curators In Pittsburgh" by CBS !

September 2012

Named one of "9 People to watch in 2013" by The Crafts Report!

March 2013

Featured on NPR's 'Radio Times"

May 2012

Featured in American Craft Magazine

July/August 2015

Featured in American Craft Magazine

April/May 2010

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