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Chaos, a state of disorder, confusion, or unpredictability, happens naturally within the world and within its inhabitants. It exhibits an apparent randomness, can wreak havoc and distress, and yet chaos can also manifest unexpected, awe-inspiring experiences. Within my artistic practice, I am particularly interested in visually conveying how chaos intertwines itself with our lives, what creates it, and how we react to it. I believe these internal and external elements of chaos often dictate who we are. My work is a dialogue about how chaos perpetuates our self-preservation instinct to create order, which is often outwardly manifested through the filtering of our words, image and lives to project a controlled self.

I have begun to explore chaos and order of the female reproductive system. Although there is beauty in the ability to create life, which is often celebrated, the effects of pregnancy loss, hormonal dysfunction, disease, and infertility are often

incapacitating events shrouded in a cloud of secrecy and shame. This paradox often leaves the afflicted to attempt a sense of normalcy by creating facades of themselves, attempting to maintain a level of function and productivity while burdened with physical and mental anguish.

I’m aiming to explore the visual existence of a system that can be both miraculous and devasting. I’m drawn to textures and growths like moss on a tree. These organisms take advantage of its hosts inability to free itself, much like reproductive diseases such as endometriosis. I want to celebrate the system that gives forth life, but also make aware its ability to inflict suffering mentally and physically. Is it possible for artworks to be project awe and beauty as well as suffering?

Beth is an award-winning Edwardsville, IL based visual artist. Serving as an exhibit specialist for 14 years at the Gateway Arch she gained a love of history, museum conservation, exhibit design and production experience. She received her BFA in 2003 with a focus in metalsmithing and Graphic Design at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville (SIUE) and is currently pursuing her MFA  in metalsmithing and textiles at SIUE to further develop her connection to art.

Through exploring the relationship between materials and organic textures her work creates a dialogue about how chaos perpetuates instincts to create order. Specifically focusing on the burdens of the female reproductive system, which is often celebrated for its ability to bring forth life, the effects of pregnancy loss, infertility, disease

and hormonal dysfunction are often incapacitating events shrouded in a cloud of secrecy and shame. Her work is a means to bring forth dialogue, support, and empathy to those that suffer from diseases of the female reproductive system; to question the uncomfortable nature of discussing loss, disease, and normal bodily processes.



Southern Illinois University, Edwardsville, IL (SIUE)

2021, Master of Fine Arts
Emphasis: Metalsmithing & Textiles
4.0 GPA

2003, Bachelor of Fine Arts
Emphasis: Metalsmithing & Graphic Design
Dean’s List 2000-03


June – July 2020
Outreach Instructor, Introduction to Metalsmithing: SIUE, Edwardsville, IL

  • Development of six-week Introduction to Metalsmithing workshop.
  • Project development
  • Demonstration of processes focused on sawing, filing, fabrication, hot connections, and finishing.

August 2019 – November 2019
Instructor of Record, Introduction to Metalsmithing: SIUE, Edwardsville, IL

  • Presentation of the foundations of metalsmithing through lectures, hands-on demonstrations, and visual representations.
  • Introduction to conceptual art through metalsmithing and jewelry design
  • Classroom management

May 2018 – July 2019
Seasonal Art Instructor: Arts in the Parks, Children’s Summer Program, Edwardsville, IL


August 2019 – May 2020
Graduate Assistant Textiles Studio: SIUE, Edwardsville, IL

  • Studio Maintenance: General upkeep, tool repair, inventory, preparations for demos, administrative tasks

August 2018 – August 2019
Graduate Assistant Metals Studio: SIUE
Prepare class demos: Hammer Forming, Hydraulic Die-Forming

  • Studio Maintenance: General upkeep, tool repair
  • Tools/Equipment: Hammer and stake surface refinishing, replacement of sanding belts and wheels, maintenance of electroforming tank, replacement of soldering torch hoses, flex-shaft maintenance, pickle acid upkeep, general studio organization/clean-up.

June 2005 – May 2019
Exhibit Specialist: Jefferson National Parks Association, Gateway Arch St. Louis, MO

  • Exhibit design and production: Research, develop, design, produce, installation of creative concepts for new interpretive exhibits and traveling exhibits while following strict timelines.

                          Exhibits Designed:
                          • Civil Liberties – 2005, The Old Courthouse
                          • Becoming American – 2006, The Old Courthouse
                          • Becoming Mark Twain: Sam Clemens in St. Louis, 1863 – 2007, The Old Courthouse
                          • Faces of the Riverfront – 2010, The Old Courthouse
                          • 150th Anniversary of the Homestead Act – 2012, Homestead National Monument
                          • Early St. Louis, 1764 -1804 – 2014, The Old Courthouse
                          • Exploring the West, 1804 -1840 – 2014, The Old Courthouse
                          • Clash of Cultures, 1840 -1890 – 2014, The Old Courthouse

  • Maintenance of historic artifacts: Daily maintenance, repair, and monitoring of artifacts in exhibit galleries at the Gateway Arch and Historic Old Courthouse.
  • Graphic design: Design and production of print and web graphics, text panels, signs, and creative interpretive/educational materials for display and distribution by the park.
  • Event planning: Develop, design, and produce event promotional signage, directional signage, and educational materials for event programs.

                          • Park Palooza – 2008-2010, Gateway Arch National Park
                          • Night at the Museum – 2011-2013, Gateway Arch National Park
                          • Get Outdoors Day – 2013-2014, Gateway Arch National Park

  • Office Management: Manage office supplies and equipment, graphic materials, maintain and updates computers and printers.
  • Daily tasks: source material research, photography and imaging, design and layout, large format printing and mounting. Implements organizational techniques for large quantities of graphics and research sources.


August 2010 – Present
President Elect, Wagner Association of Metalsmiths (WAM), SIUE, Edwardsville, IL

  • Preside over all WAM meetings
  • Serve as the main contact person between student government and WAM
  • Set Agendas
  • Initiate fundraising efforts through on-campus and off-campus metal and jewelry sales
  • Compile educational and organizational resources for metalsmithing students
  • Organize educational events for metalsmithing students

April 2018 – Present
Board Member, Edwardsville Arts Center, Edwardsville, IL

  • The board oversees the functions and practices of the art center in order to help it meet its mission.
  • Assists[MOU2]  in the development of the educational outreach as a member of the education committee.
  • Assists in the development of graphics for advertisement of events.
  • Assists in the development and production of yearly fundraisers (Edwardsville Art Fair).

January 2012
Co-Chair, St. Louis Post Dispatch’s 100 Neediest Cases, St. Louis, MO

  • Oversaw planning of St. Louis Post Dispatch’s 100 Neediest Cases art campaign to bring awareness to the needy in partnership with United Way.
  • Coordinated with local schools for artwork submissions
  • Collected donated goods as gifts for submitted works and juried art winners
  • Organized speakers at artist reception event
  • Main presenter at artist reception event

January 2011
Juror, St. Louis Post Dispatch’s 100 Neediest Cases, St. Louis, MO

January 2010
Juror, St. Louis Post Dispatch’s 100 Neediest Cases, St. Louis, MO

August 2002 – May 2003
President Elect, Wagner Association of Metalsmiths, SIUE, Edwardsville, IL


August 2002

  • Undergraduate Research Academy Grant, SIUE, Edwardsville, IL

  •  Study of Electroforming
  •  $800 award



  • Hollow Forms, Midwest Metalsmiths (Carla Fox), SIUE
  • Enameling Workshop, Jessica Calderwood, SIUE Visiting Artist
  • Metal Inlay into Wood Workshop, Peter Antor, SIUE Visiting Artist


  • Color on Metal, Midwest Metalsmiths (Sherri Jaude), SIUE


  • Electroforming Workshop, Midwest Metalsmiths (Aimee Clinger-Howard), SIUE



  • MFA Invitational, St. Charles Community College, St. Charles, MO

        Curator: Brian Smith, Professor, St. Charles Community College, St. Charles, MO

  • Annual Juried Student Exhibition, SIUE, Edwardsville, IL

      Local Juried Show
      Juror: Nancy Newman Rice, Award Winning Professional Painter


  • Small Works, Woodriver Heritage Museum, Woodriver, IL

      Regional Juried Show
      Juror: Paul Dresang, Distinguished Research Professor, Southern Illinois University Edwardsville IL

  • Patron of the Arts: Paulette Myers, Edwardsville Arts center, Edwardsville, IL

       Curator: Paulette Myers, Professor Emeritus, SIUE and Aimee Howard-Clinger, Associate Professor, SIUE, Edwardsville, IL

  • Emerging Illinois Artist, McLean County Arts Center, Bloomington, IL

       Regional Juried Show
      Juror: Tempestt Hazel, curator, writer, artist advocate, and director of Sixty Inches from Center.


  • Annual Juried Student Exhibition, SIUE, Edwardsville, IL

      Juror: Robin Hirsch Steinhoff, Artistic Director at Art Saint Louis

  • Friends of Art Annual Art Auction, Southern Illinois University


  • Metal Connections, Art Dimensions, Lemp Stables, St. Louis, Mo

       BFA exhibition in collaboration with Marlene True and Jessie Welling-Gomez.


  • Annual Juried Student Exhibition, SIUE, Edwardsville, IL



  • Annual Juried Student Exhibition, SIUE, Edwardsville, IL

    • Awarded: Paulette Myers Excellence in Metalsmithing
    • Awarded: Barbara Dyck Memorial in Textiles
  • Small Works, Woodriver Heritage Museum, Woodriver, IL

    • Awarded: 2nd place


  • Annual Juried Student Exhibition, SIUE, Edwardsville, IL
  • Awarded: Paulette Myers Excellence in Metalsmithing


            Technical Skills:
            Adobe Suite (Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign)
            Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, One Drive)
Google (Google Mail, Calendar, Goggle Docs, Google Drive)

            Hard Skills:
            Metalsmithing Techniques
                        Torch Work
                        Hydraulic Forming
            Textile Techniques
                        Book Binding
                        Surface Design (Potato Dextrin, Indigo, Dyeing, Burn Out, Screen Printing)
                        Papermaking (Abaca, Kozo)
            General carpentry skills
            Large format printing
            Large format mounting
            Vinyl cutting and application
            Mount making
            Exhibit installation

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