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According to geographer Yi-Fu Tuan, place is, "a center of meaning constructed by experience." The meaning of place to me is one of collection and projection. My goal is to create works that serve as centers of meaning based on my personal experience. This experience is a vast web of connections; connections of people, ideas, events. Connecting these things is possible because they each "took place." Everything has occurred in a place, and that place has taken those entities and circumstances as constituent parts of its own meaning.

My goal is to take the various meanings from places into myself, to create my own centers of meaning, and to express my identity in terms of the places to which I am connected and in turn which connect me to the various people, events, and ideas that have made me who I am.

I was born and raised in Greenville, SC, and began studying metalsmithing at The Fine Arts Center in Greenville during high school. I earned my BFA in from East Carolina University in 2004 and my MFA in from the University of Kansas in 2008. I have taught at the University of Kansas, Idaho State University, the Lawrence Arts Center, and Benedictine College.

I currently live in Kansas City, restoring a 100 year old house, and enjoying time with my wife, Lauren, and Millie, our pup.

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