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My sense of aesthetics comes from the interplay of color, form, texture, rhythm and the power of repetition. This is how I think and therefore how I create my work. I naturally gravitate toward large and dynamic natural forms and forces from the Earth’s surface to inner and outer space.
Using what familiarity I have with these occurrences as a point of departure, my imagination creates variations on on the elemental phenomena of these mysterious places.

Although it is not readily evident, my vessels are made from hand-hammered copper holloware. Because these forms are intended as sculptural images, I ultimately downplay materials and elaborate processes in favor of infusing my work with organic, living, moving images. I enjoy making metal appear to be soft and supple, transforming it from it’s stiff, brittle and rectilinear properties.

In order to complete the transformation of my work into image-based objects I have developed my own coloration method which I call Metal Staining and make all my pigmentation products by hand. In this manner the finished forms can echo the natural imagery that inspired them.

I was born in the greater Chicago area and educated in Colorado, Illinois, Minnesota, Wisconsin, England and Mexico. I have worked professionally and exhibited both Fiber and Metal for over 30 years. Currently I live and work in Minneapolis, MN; USA

Where to Buy

Work is not available for sale through the SNAG website. Please contact the artist directly to inquire about making a purchase.