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  • Topeka, KS, USA

Because of my Korean heritage and personal experience, I identify strongly with my home and my role as woman and mother. It’s imperative for me to provide a calm and nurturing place for my children and to fulfill my duties as framed by social and cultural convention.

After I began to go to art school, I have “two separate places to be”: school and home. Balancing between these places has been a viral part of my daily routine.

As a MFA student, finding and executing new ideas have been always challenging. Sometimes, my creativity got lost during the transition from one to another. As a mother, I was less available to my kids and everything at home easily became burden.

One day, when I was looking at my kids playing building toys, I realized each building toys have simple mechanism and basic shapes. Multiple pieces can be hooked, clicked, hinged and pegged to link or connect in order to create new forms. It requires a lot of creativity and imagination that I need for my “jewelry” creation.

With “new eyes”, I found objects and materials from my domestic place and recreate it in my visual language. My recent work features whimsical and playful “toy-like” unit in wood, plastic, foams and fabrics that I create to connect and to share with my children.

Sunyoung Cheong was born in Seoul, Korea.  She attended the University of Kansas, where she earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts and a Master of Fine Arts in Metalsmithing and Jewelry Design. She has been teaching CAD/CAM at the University of Kansas from 2012 to 2015. She also works as a studio artist and a custom jewelry designer.

From large scale wearable to small object, she uses various materials including precious metals, paper, plastics, fiber and wood to create meaningful and personal wearable art. Her interest is focused on wearer’s experience in space, object and emotion, occasionally with other people. At her MFA thesis show, Wearable Play in 2014, she created an interactive installation where she attempted to generate human interaction and to create a platform where people can engage in art by assembling their own wearable objects.

Sunyoung’s work has been appeared in numerous Lark Books including 500 Silver Jewelry, 1000 Beads, 30-minute Necklaces and 30-minute Bracelets as well as JCK magazine. She has exhibited her work both nationally and internationally including Canada and Japan.

She lives and works in Topeka, Kansas.

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