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There are a few essential components I reach toward when I am generating a body of work. I immerse myself in process as I work with a strong craft based awareness. Abstraction frees me to ideate spontaneously and helps my viewer to adopt an objective eye. Repetition creates an impact, strongly reiterating an idea. This combination of elements provides me with inspiration for most of my work. The subject matter I generally choose is directly related to the populace - habits, idiosyncrasies and practices in life. My interest lies in the features of being human not connected to race, gender or class, but the irreducible fundamental part of humanity. I am astonished at how craft-based work has the potential to abstractly express this condition. Although my approach to portraying concept is abstract, I can subtly offer a message while providing visual and emotional stimulation. I use a variety of materials including steel, bronze, plastic, and concrete, which assist in my desire to work with my hands and to find inherent meaning in the work. My public artworks adopt the same philosophy as I concentrate on the history of the area as well as those who will be using the site. I pay close attention to what is important to the community the artwork will serve.

Christine Clark is an artist living and working in Portland OR. Her work focuses on public art, installation art and abstract sculpture in steel, steel wire and mixed materials. She is a former Professor and Head of the Metals department at Oregon College of Art and Craft. Clark is a member of Nine Gallery, an alternative art gallery that exhibits experimental and installation-based work. She is co-owner of Ninety Twenty Studios, a maker/education space in Portland where they are currently offering in person classes ( She is also offering online classes where she offers a variety of short classes for beginning jewelry enthusiasts (

Christine Clark, CClark Studio LLC

6025 NE 35th Ave.

Portland, OR 97211





I have been a working artist for over 35 years; I specialize in installation art, public art and sculpture; I work with steel, steel wire, bronze, mixed materials such as resin, fabric, concrete, and some natural materials. My public art works are primarily made from steel, bronze and resin.



Rochester Institute of Technology, School for American Crafts, Rochester NY; MFA in metalsmithing, 1983

University of Washington, Seattle WA; BFA in metalsmithing, 1980


Public Art Projects

Tigard Outdoor Museum, Tigard OR – “Live, Settle, Advance”; a series of three sculptures, which will be installed along the ¾ mile Outdoor Museum trail. Made from mild steel, “Live” represents the Native people who settled the land, “Settle” represents the pioneers who claimed Tigard their home, and “Advance” represents the railroad built for the advancement of Tigard and the surrounding area. Each sculpture sits atop a 6’ formal pedestal, reaching 9+ feet in height. Projected install date: May 2020. Budget: $35,000


“Growth, Search, Escape”- A permanent suspended sculptural piece installed at the Everett Public Library Evergreen Branch. Commissioned by the City of Everett, WA and administered by the Washington State Arts Commission. This piece hangs in 25’ in the air in three distinctive clearstory window areas that span the spine of the library, each bay representing Growth, near the children’s stack; Search, near the computers; and Escape in relationship to the adult reading area and stacks. The space is approximately 117’L x 10’W x 15’H and has a multitude of hanging elements, including LED colored lighting. 2019; Budget: $70,000


“Sustenance” – 5 permanent outdoor sculptural seating sculptures at Glenhaven Park, Portland OR. Commissioned by the City of Portland, administered by the Regional Arts and Culture Council. Adjacent to a newly constructed and landscaped play area, this sculptural seating set is made from bronze rod and is meant to be sat, lounged, played on and leaned against. Four important aspects of human existence, Food, Water, Nature and Community, are symbolically represented on the 5 sculptures. Worked with the landscape architecture design team and the community, each piece is approximately 3-4’H x 5-7’L x 3-5’W. 2019; Budget: $65,000


A permanent hanging sculptural piece installed at the University of Oregon, in the Erb Memorial Union building. Chosen by the EMU’s Art Committee and administered by the Oregon Arts Commission, this suspended mobile/hanging sculpture hangs in an area approximately 38’L x 10’W x 3’H in one of the main eating areas in the Student Union building. 2018; Budget: $15,000


Waypoint, Bainbridge Island WA – Tribute Baskets – An outdoor public art project funded by the City of Bainbridge Island Public Art Program, administered by Arts Humanities Bainbridge. The site is a park/garden at the end of the ferry terminal, which includes four large-scale basket forms, each sit 8 -10’ in height in the garden and are 5-6.5’ in width. These “woven” basket forms are double walled; both inside and outside forms are spaced tightly. The inside layer displays traditional patterns and other symbolic representations of the people who settled the island. 2016; Budget: $42,000


Pierce Library, Eastern Oregon University, LaGrande OR – Gathering Planes and Shapes –This 50’ long permanent work administered through the Oregon Arts Commission is suspended 30’ in the air over a light well in the University’s main library. Powder coated black, it consists of a multitude of woven wire sculptural forms, laser cut steel shapes, and other formed shapes. Each element hangs from the ceiling by hand-made/welded steel chain, positioned parallel to the floor on different planes. Visitors gain different perspectives of the sculpture at any place they stand: lower level, main floor, and upper mezzanine. 2015; Budget: $47,000


Ankeny Street Project, Portland OR – A private outdoor wall sculpture commissioned by Colab Architecture and Urban Design. Made of cor-ten steel, it consists of a combination of abstract lines and shapes reminiscent of mid-century/modern styling; 9’ x 14’ x 3”. 2011; Budget: $11,000





Academic Appointments

Professor of Art, Oregon College of Art and Craft – 1983 to 2019; taught installation art, metalsmithing/jewelry, sculpture

Head of Metals Department, OCAC – 1985 to spring 2018; responsible for the management of the Metals department; collaborate in determining academic policy, degree program curriculum, hire and supervise departmental faculty and other staff; lead and participate in all assessment and accreditation requirements.


Recent Residencies

2015 Artist-in-Residence, Ucross Foundation, Ucross WY; 1-month residency; Ford Foundation Grant recipient

2014 Artist-in-Residence, John Michael Kohler Arts and Industry Residency; 3 month residency at the Kohler Company in Kohler WI; worked in the iron foundry casting iron.


Recent Solo/invitational Exhibitions/Installations

2021 “Line”, Nine Gallery, Portland, OR; an installation exploring the use of line in steel through abstraction in three-dimensional form.

2019   “Hold”, Jessica Helgerson Interior Design’s Front of House Gallery, Portland, OR; an installation focusing on the idea of gravity, space, comfort and swaddling with dichotomies of restriction and threat.

2017   “Give”, Nine Gallery, Portland, OR; an installation, which addresses the notion of giving and generosity, and asks viewers how deep their giving capacity.

2016   Bellevue Arts Museum Biennial Exhibition, Metamorphosis, Bellevue WA. I was invited to create a large-scale suspended installation piece, 20’ x 8’ x 8’. Titled UNIFORM, abstractly addressed the idea that we as people are alike no matter how we separate ourselves or cluster into groups. Exhibited for 5 month.

2016   “Imagine Peace Now”, a traveling exhibition (with catalog) using disabled handguns as a statement about guns and gun use in the United States, organized by Providence RI artist Boris Bally

2015    “Weight”, Nine Gallery, Portland OR, was an installation which addressed the concept of physical, emotional, and intellectual weight.

2014    “Amass”, Nine Gallery; an installation which addressed the idea that a crowd or large mass of people create a form that begins to lose individual identity.

2012    “Herded” Nine Gallery; an installation, which abstractly addressed the concept of herding in human behavior.

2011    “Collective Object”, Nine Gallery; an installation, which addressed the notion of why people collect.


Recent Related Artistic Activities/Honors and Awards

Present – Washington State Arts Commission Public Art Roster

Present – Sound Transit Artists Public Art Pool

present – Oregon Arts Commission Public Art Roster

2016-2019 – Public Art San Antonio Pre-Qualified Public Art List

2016 Lecturer – Bainbridge Art Museum in conjunction with Arts & Humanities Bainbridge

2016 Guest Instructor – Penland School of Craft, Penland, NC; taught a 2-week course in Installation Art

2015 Lecturer – Seattle Metals Guild Symposium, Seattle WA

2014 Lecturer – Materials Symposium, East Carolina University, Greenville NC

2011 Regional Arts and Culture Council Individual Artist Fellowship Grant Award Panelist, Portland OR

2009 Oregon Arts Commission Individual Artist Fellowship Grant Award

2009 Oregon Arts Commission Career Development Grant Award




Professional Affiliations

I am member of Nine Gallery, an exhibition space that features unconventional works of installation and alternative approaches to art, in Portland OR.

Co-owner/Co-founder of Ninety Twenty Studios, a maker space/educational establishment in NE Portland OR.

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