My inspiration comes mainly from looking at organic forms of nature, which could be transfered into the non natural materials-synthetics. I use these organic shapes as a tool for making the metal and acrylic plastic more acceptable for them to be combined and worn as one.

In my work, I combine precious with non-precious materials to stimulate the wearer or viewer to question from where jewelry derives its value. Is it the design, craftsmanship or materials?

Because there is a very fine line in perception of jewellery; to be understood as fine art or functional object, my pieces are on this line as well. They are objects in their own right to be adorned on the body or without it.

Denisa was born in Slovakia, where she studied goldsmithing with a focus on traditional jewelry techniques for four years. She supplemented her skills in craftsmanship with an additional BA Honours degree in 3-dimensional design in Scotland. There she was introduced to a wide range of jewellery-atypical materials, which she applied in her work.

After graduating with a first class degree, she moved to Zanzibar, Tanzania and worked as a jewellery mentorĀ and designer for a women empowerment project. She was also commissioned as a designer assistant and a bench jeweler for a Tanzanian designer.

Denisa is currently living in Washington DC, where she combines precious with non-precious materials in the form of jewellery and stimulates the wearer or viewer to meditate about what makes jewellery precious. Based on this concept and supported by the work of other jewelers and her own, Denisa published the book: "The evolving perception of preciousness in the context of jewellery: Questioning the sense of preciousness in jewellery through the material revolution", which is available at

Where to Buy

Work is not available for sale through the SNAG website. Please contact the artist directly to inquire about making a purchase.