I love teaching & sharing my extensive metalsmithing knowledge, as well as embracing additional ideas & techniques, which I may be less familiar with.
Designing & Creating  multi-faceted pieces, where no two pieces are the same, enriches the broad horizons of my works of Art, enabling my customers to truly be presented with a One-Of-A-Kind creation.
TEACHING to me, is a Noble  Profession and an extremely rewarding experience.
I loved my students!  Their creativity & willingness to challenge themselves, whether through difficult processes and/or experimentation, was the pinnacle for their success.

My Mother & Father: Life's Rewards, Endowed with Unconditional Love!
Empowering me to Embrace the Arts, Music, Nature & Life.
Teaching me to be Strong and an Advocate for Unequivocal Equality, Basic Human Civil Rights as well as to Question Authority, with Knowledge, Intellect, Tenacity & Perseverance.

Pioneering, Frontier Renaissance Woman, Visionary, Educator, Humanitarian, Poet, Writer, Artist, Master Gold & Silversmith.

Originator, Designer & Creator of the Sterling Silver Fortune Cookie with an Engravable Fortune.

©1982 MEKAH Gold & Silversmithing, All rights reserved.


Where to Buy

Work is not available for sale through the SNAG website. Please contact the artist directly to inquire about making a purchase.