While drawn to Victorian motifs and bright confectionary colors, my stainless steel work is rooted in material and technological exploration. My first experiences with small scale welding began with attaching tiny findings onto the back of brooches to assist with soldering. After researching this technology, I found more possibilities for working with non-ferrous materials. Taking advantage of modern welding technologies, I hollow construct each form and then, on a smaller scale, fuse each granule individually. The patterns can rapidly form into a maze of indecipherable structures, reminding me of our congested constructed world. A primary goal for each piece is to organize patterns into legible and intriguing displays, reflecting a desire to reconcile romantic ideals with global realities. 


...and from some time ago:

Our belongings often carry more significance beyond monetary worth or specific uses. I turn to books and magazines because their primary function is to disseminate information via the written word or images, yet they embody an immense amount of personal emotion and cultural significance. As icons of intellect and status and as reminders of another person, time or place books and magazines accumulate on bookshelves,tables and floors. In this state, texts are more like inert sculptures than literary implement. They remind us of whom we are or want to be, as the qualities of the contents or materials reveal. I pose that ownership of and viewing specific publications as an object is more important than the words that are printed. We cannot remember any book verbatim, but the ideas imparted by a text are the critical element. Just as letters and words are symbols for specific ideas so are they vehicles by which the written language comes to us. Further, the objects that hold these words are symbols in themselves. The books and magazines that surround us act as signposts to our memories, intentions and the world around us.

Where to Buy

Work is not available for sale through the SNAG website. Please contact the artist directly to inquire about making a purchase.