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I have always been greatly interested in why and how we choose to adorn our bodies.  Jewelry has been a gateway throughout history to express one’s self, show social status or be a badge of honor.  As independent societies we have chosen to express this indulgence through extravagance and deformity. Artistically, conceptual smiths tend to push the boundaries of what is considered wearable as jewelry, often crossing into the line of sculpture on the body.

My exploration into this craft confronts these themes while evoking a sense of emotion from my viewer.  My intention is to have my work stand on the edge of social acceptance, while focusing on a conceptual statement and reaction.  I am compelled by seeing this response in my viewers- whether positive, critical, repulsed or enthralled.  As my work continues to develop, so does my love affair with mechanics and intricacy; focusing more on technique and fine craft.

I always want to unleash myself to an unrestricted flow of expression.  I strive to be able to push a human response, and evoke a sense of emotion, whether in my viewer or in myself.  We as makers need to be able to bend the rules and never apologize for something that we create.  These are staples within my life and in my craft, rooting back to our ancestors.  We must continue the push forward, to see what prevails through the good, the tough and the enlightened.

Deanna Pastel was born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio.  In 2010 she received her BFA in Jewelry/Metals at Kent State University under the instruction of Program Director, Kathleen Browne.  Upon graduation, she took up a production based job back in Cleveland with Heather B.  Moore Co.; where she fine-tuned her skills in soldering gold, hand stamping and setting stones.

After two years at the bench in Ohio, she up-rooted to Austin, TX and began her career as a main teacher and Studio Manager at Creative Side Jewelry Academy.  The past three years at CSJA have been spent designing new curriculum for the 101 and 201 Fabrication courses, where she spends the majority of her time trying to inspire students to fall in love with the craft during these duration or weekend classes.  She also, being the studio manager works closely with some of the biggest artists in the field today setting up classes and making sure that operations run smoothly.

Deanna Pastel



2005-2010     BFA, Jewelry/Metals, Kent State University, Kent, OH


2012-Present  Principal Instructor, Creative Side Jewelry Academy, Austin TX

  • Developing and teaching new curriculum for our fast paced educational environment, honing basic fabrication skills in an 8 week turn around.

2012-Present  Teaching Assistant/Aid to local instructors and visiting master artists, Creative Side Jewelry Academy, Austin, TX

  • Aiding local and master smiths in teaching their curriculum from advanced stone setting, gold fusing, chasing and repousse, and argentium/silver soldering fundamentals



2014-Present  101: Core Soldering and Fabrication, 7 projects in 8 days- Rings to Stone Setting

201: Advanced Bezels, Hollow Forms and Hinges

Creative Side Jewelry Academy, Austin TX



2016             Trunk Show Coordinator, SNAG NEXUS, New Orleans, LA

  • Coordinating 76 artists from paper work, set up and display/sales in Snag’s NEXUS show


2012-Present  Studio Manager, Assistant Director, Creative Side Jewelry Academy, Austin, TX

  • Organizing, ordering, maintaining and running over 100 classes per year. Scheduling and training all instructors/TA’s in our language and pace for fast and intensive curriculum


2012-2010     Jeweler Associate, Trainer, Heather B. Moore Jewelry, Cleveland, OH

  • Hand stamping, diamond setting, fabrication for one of a kind jewelry, teaching new employees fabrication basics to create our line. Quarterly reports for every new hire.



2016   Linking Your Lineage, Curator Nominated Exhibition, SNAG links project, Asheville, NC

2015   Art Connections Exhibition, Invitational Exhibition, followed by gallery representation,

Art Connections Gallery, Bastrop, TX

2014   Austin Fashion Week, Invitational Exhibition, Palmer Events Center, Austin, TX

West Austin Studio Tour, Creative Side Jewelry Academy, Austin, TX

2013   Showcase Artist Exhibition, Invitational Exhibition, Austin Bergstrom International Airport,

Austin, TX

2012   Holiday Sale, Invitational exhibition, Black Lagoon Gallery, Austin, TX

Pop-Up East Austin Soular Event, Invitational Exhibition, Austin, TX

Jewelry by Artists Exhibition, Invitational Exhibition, Black Lagoon Gallery, Austin, TX

All That Matters To Me: Artist Run Show, Juried Exhibition,  The Screw Factory, Lakewood, OH

2010   Blossom Sculpture Exhibition, School of Art Gallery, Kent State University, Kent, OH       

Black Fest, Invitational Exhibition, The Kent Stage, Kent, OH

Crafts BFA Exhibition, School of Art Gallery, Kent State University, Kent, OH

Student Annual Exhibition, Juried Exhibition,  

School of Art Gallery, Kent State University, Kent, OH

2010-2008     Art by Us, All Media Art Supply, Kent, OH

2006   Tremont Art Walk, Invitational Exhibition, on display for two months after show,

 Edison's Pub, Tremont, OH



2016   Linking our Lineage, 12 Techniques from 12 Master Smiths, SNAG Links Project, publication and           front cover recognition/design winner

SNAGnext, Invitational Pulse Presentation and Lecture, Asheville, SC



2010   Flush/Channel Diamond Setting, Tap Studios, Cleveland, OH

Instructor: Todd A. Pownell


Kent/Blossom Art, (Sculpture) Kent State University, Kent, OH

Resident Faculty: Isabel Farnsworth,

Visiting Artists: Jean Shin, Daniel Webb


2009   Kent/Blossom Art, (Jewelry/Metals), Kent State University, Kent, OH

Resident Faculty: Kathleen Browne,

Visiting Artists: Arthur Hash, Miel Margaritta






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