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  • Lafayette, LA

Over the course of my life, I fought to balance the oppositions of the masculine and the feminine, submissive vs dominant; a never-ending war of rules, double standards, and expectations.  I took comfort performing tasks most often assigned to the males of our society, pushing the boundaries of gender roles both deliberately and inadvertently.  Femininity was infused with the callousness of military and industry labor.  My work reflects the dichotomies in those trials, the traditional rules and boundaries, all of which beg to be broken.  Using the juxtaposition of metals and textiles, I have created a marriage between soft and hard, delicate and rigid, white collar and blue collar.  It tells a story of rites of passage and subjugation.  This work sheds light on all the delicately hardened pieces of my life thus far.  It is homage to every not-so-subtle hint at what society has deemed proper or correct.

Born and raised in Louisiana, I married young and went into the military to keep my new family afloat.  I've been around the world, seen many things, met many different types of people.  Those experiences have molded who and where I am today.

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