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Our environment fluctuates over time, the materials change, transform. Minerals crystallize, the earth settles, the rocks separate. We convert those materials to achieve results, for utility or beauty. The environment creates unconsciously and gradually.
That in mind, I’m now working through a process of undefined projects. Using multiple techniques superimposed to try to recreate the evolutionary reality of our environment.

From my early childhood, when I was drawing, I did not care much for the representation of an image on paper, but lines themselves. How they would interact with each other, the distance in between one and other.

During my adolescence, I filled whole pages of lines to be followed without ever having to stop, like the representation of the wind in two dimensions. These pages had the look of topographic maps or the form of wood grain on a piece of furniture, wavy and asymmetric.
In my early twenties I happened to meet a little girl of three years. It reminded me of a moment of my childhood, or my mother had scolded me. I had taken a fresh water pearl off one of her pendants to repair one that was broken. I was four years old and somehow the procedure seemed quite normal to me, but despite my good intentions I ended up losing the pearl.

Following this meeting, I took courses in jewellery making. It was one of the best times of my life. Finally, these curves and lines took on new meaning. Exploring the third dimension now made my artistic possibilities greater. Obviously, my jewels possess asymmetry and simple curves that are very pleasing to my eye.Then I discovered and learned the process of mokume gane. A method difficult to achieve, but with magnificent and unexpected results. The mokume gane is a Japanese technique of 17th century, the literal translation of the name is "wood eye metal". This technique consists of rolling plates of various metals which in the end creates lines similar to wood grain. With entirely different material and technique, I still find these lines and this unexpected asymmetry that has been following me since my childhood. So with this process seldom known and used I can express myself by creating jewelry that delights all, including me.


Teaching sculpture on soapstone

At Schools, Museums and Municipalities. Since 2016

  • Present the properties of soapstone and its history.
  • Demonstrate and explain the techniques used.
  • Observe the students’ progress during their creation to provide advice and answer questions.
  • Encourage students to pay attention to detail, to become aware of their work and to see its evolution.

Activity leader for a knitting workshop

At the elementary school of St-Calixte, Fall 2016

  • Present the knitting techniques with needles and the knitting loom
  • Observe the students’ progress during their creation to provide advice and answer questions.
  • Encourage students to pay attention to detail, to become aware of their work and to see its evolution.

Owner of élk joaillerie

In my workshop. Since 2010

  • Conceptualize and create jewelry.
  • Take pictures of my pieces and market them.
  • Make sales and after-sales service.
  • Manage the website and social media.
  • Administration and book keeping.


Host for internship

In my workshop of élk joaillerie. In 2011

  • Host a student for 120 hours after his jeweler course at the École du Sud-Ouest de Montréal is finished.
  • Give concrete tasks so students can use their new skills.
  • Transmit additional knowledge on jewelry making techniques.


Jeweler Assistant                                                        

At Hélène Limoges’s workshop in Montréal. In 2006

  • Perform various tasks for jewelry making in order to sell them at the Salon des métiers d’art de Montréal, such as: Welding, sawing, assembly, stone setting and polishing.

Purchase of materials and of tools.



Business start-up (ASP)

At Saje Montréal in 2010


Sales technique (DEP)

At Saje Montréal in 2010


Jewellery making (DEP)

École des métiers du sud-Ouest de Montréal in 2006



CRAFT ARTS Prize at the Gala des GrandsPrix Desjardins de la Culture de Lanaudière 2016

Scholarship for Intermediate professionals In the Craft Arts from the SODEC in 2015

Scholarship for Emerging artists in the Craft Arts from the SODEC in 2010




Festival des Artisans

Ste-Marcelline-de-Kildare, Qc. In 2016


La vitrine des métiers d’art          

Joliette, Qc. In 2015


Harmony Arts Festival      

Vancouver, Colombie-Britanique in 2014


Salon des métiers d’art de Sherbrooke

Sherbrooke,Qc. In 2013 and 2014


Salon des métiers d’art de Montréal

Montréal, Qc. From 2011 to 2014


Trunk show du Society of North American goldsmiths

Conférence Meta-Mosaic, Toronto. In 2013


Salon des arts de St-Jérome                                                                

St-Jérome, Qc. In 2012


Circuit Arts et Culture                                          

Verdun, Montréal, Qc. In 2011





Lecture about my work

Museum of art in Joliette, Qc. In 2017

Presentation of my career, my inspirations and my creations.


Trip to Japan

Tsubame, Japan in 2015

Visit to craftsmen, workshops and museums to deepen my knowledge of an old technique that I specialize in, the mokume gane.


Presence and volunteer work in SNAG Conferences

Toronto, Ontario. In 2013







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