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I worked as a goldsmith for years. Gold and diamonds have a value separate from the objects they are made into. I wondered if I could use my skills on ordinary materials to create objects that also carry significant worth. The construct of value perception continues to propel my work. In my studio there is no hierarchy or discrimination among materials. I play host to all, tin cans, scrap wood, plastic, bailing wire, crafters’ supplies, silver and gold. They all deserve and receive my full attention and respect. The commonness found in daily life is where I continue to find inspiration; it’s where the juice of life simmers and flows. With thorough and careful observation of the everyday world, I believe the ordinary can be revealed to be extraordinary.

ELLEN WIESKE is an artist and educator who works in many materials. Primarily a metalsmith, she received a MFA from Cranbrook Academy of Art in Michigan. Ellen teaches workshops and shows her work internationally. She currently works and maintains Dowstudio/Gallery with potter Carole Ann Fer, in Deer Isle, Maine. She has also been the Assistant Director at Haystack Mountain Schoool of Crafts since 2003. She was awarded a Maine Arts Commission Fellowship in 2013.

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Work is not available for sale through the SNAG website. Please contact the artist directly to inquire about making a purchase.