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My sweet spot is the electric disquiet found in-between—the peculiar places where the alien becomes magnetic, where beauty and perversity collapse and tangle, and where ambiguous bodies violate the binary, and are deified for it. I combine “repulsive” materials with precious metals, textiles, wood and ceramic to create a specific language of housewares and wearables; artifacts for an imagined ancient past in which humans had a more direct relationship to death, bodies and nature’s wild underbelly.
In my uneasy camp fantasies, sculpted bone sits jewel-like in heavy silver bezels, iridescent beetles stand in formation on velvet palm fronds, and a collar of copper liars’ tongues lies heavy against the neck.  My alter-egos and I gleefully deploy these luxe grotesqueries against a squeamish, hypocritical modernity, poking at the vulgarities of “civilization” with humor, beauty and rage.
I have started a new series fixated on the beauty of congenital androgyny; with THIRDSEX, I seek to use a combination of art jewelry, sculpture, installation and portraiture to honor people whose queerness is distinct from “gayness” or sexuality, there’s is androgyny as biological directive. This Otherness is under threat today, and in this project I counter the myth of binary gender by offering my own panoply of sybaritic gods, adorning androgynes in strange jewels--anatomical armor, metal pubic hair, enameled nipples spilling drops of bone “milk”--and posing them in an alternate jungle of Eden.

I’ve been among other things, an almost-archaeologist, a butcher shop apprentice, and a bad vegetarian; today I make lovingly perverse objects in Oakland, California.

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Work is not available for sale through the SNAG website. Please contact the artist directly to inquire about making a purchase.