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My passion is handcrafting Fine Jewelry with Eco-Metals and Ethical Gems with curves from serene to extreme. The many facets of handcrafting a piece of jewelry memerize me and I delight in embracing each aspect of fabrication and casting.

My studies of the science of gemology, the technical processes of metalsmithing and creative art of design are the combination continially generating my passion for handcrafting fine eco-friendly jewelry.

Designing custom jewelry is an exciting interactive process! I understand the importance of your trust in handcrafting your wedding ring, bridal party jewelry or a special piece for any occasion. My commitment is to work with you to create quality jewelry that incorporates your style, ideas, budget and values, which you can cherish for generations. I source American made sustainable materials and use eco-friendly processes in my studio whenever possible because being socially responsible and environmentally conscientious is important to me. I am happy to re-purpose your Estate jewelry or supply certified GREEN precious metals and ethical gems. Ultimately, I want you to enjoy your custom design experience and be completely satisfied with your unique handcrafted jewelry.

Geralyn Sheridan

Discovering the technical processes and creative art of metalsmithing as well as utilizing the science of gemology absolutely excites me!

I have always made jewelry from all sorts of things: flowers, clay, branches . . And I really liked those colored telephone wires from inside the phone cable! What Fun!

Inspiration for my designs come anywhere from everyday items to natural materials. Texture, form, asymmetry, movement, color and function are all present in my work.

Most recently, I was inspired by my happy childhood memories of ribbon candy. While sculpting pieces from wax, the forms had an evolution of their own. I enjoy choosing from the wide palate of quality candy colored gemstones for each piece. I make each piece of jewelry individually from 18karat gold , 14 karat gold and/or sterling silver.

Each cast piece begins by individually carving and/or sculpting the piece in wax, then using a lost wax process the piece is cast in sterling silver or 14karat gold, then I polish and finish the piece, accenting the jewelry with high karat gold and setting the gemstones in place.

The many facets of handcrafting a piece of jewelry memerize me and I delight in embracing each aspect.

After working in banking and property management for many years, I had an opportunity to pursue my passion for gemology, jewelry design and metalsmithing. In 2002, I enrolled at the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), earning my Graduate Gemologist Diploma in 2004. I have also completed Butte College's metalworking courses and earned certificates in jewelry repair and diamond setting at the Drouhard National Jewelers School in 2006.

I can't think of anything more personally gratifying than being a mom, being creative, making a quality piece of jewelry that generates smiles! Either the wearer celebrating the day, the giver commemorating a special occasion or a family sharing a story while passing a piece down to a loved one.

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Work is not available for sale through the SNAG website. Please contact the artist directly to inquire about making a purchase.