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  • Chicago, IL

My work is infused with the realization that my perspective of the world and consequent (re)actions may have been impressed by a digitally constructed gaze born from social media and the obsessive need to connect. I cater to a awareness that the intricacies and algorithms found within the digital realm may exacerbate urges to play into prescribed feminine roles. My current work investigates the parallels and paradoxes of female identity, namely the (self)imposed expectations of the female disposition. I am interested feminine dyads of the sociological imagination such as playette and damsel, dullard and minx, and seductress and nymphet.

Such connections continue to fascinate me, and I therefore pursue the impact of gazes in my artistic inquiry and the effects of imagined audiences on digital behaviors. What people say and do when there is an impending audience, when there is no perceived audience, or when their digital footprints are impermanent are situations that interest me. My work, then, is not materially ephemeral, but rather responds to the programmed ephemerality inherent in vanishing picture apps, encrypted texts and other digital white rabbits.


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Work is not available for sale through the SNAG website. Please contact the artist directly to inquire about making a purchase.