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Childhood labors of love included making shoebox dioramas, assembling insect collections and creating secret spaces; these innate endeavors have greatly inspired my artwork as an adult. Daily occurrences, dreams and travel infuse my work aesthetically and conceptually as I strive to make sense of the world and its mysterious events through metaphorical sculptural pieces. Fragments of the human body paired with insects or plants, for example, are employed as visual symbolic vocabulary in my sculpture. These represent the basic interaction between humans or between humans and nature and more specifically my personal experiences embodied in a poetic, distilled narrative manner.

Most recently, insect iconography has been employed as a metaphor for the human condition. Insects have been either dismembered or 'enhanced' with mechanical elements to symbolize the ever-growing practice of genetic enhancements and bioengineering that impacts our bodies and quality of life. The pieces serve as a platform for ethical contemplation.

Leah Hardy completed a BFA at the University of Kansas in 1987, including a year abroad at Howard Gardens Art School in Cardiff, Wales, UK (1986-87). She earned her MFA from the University of Indiana, Bloomington in 1990.

Exhibited nationally and internationally, Hardy’s intimately scaled mixed media sculptural works have won numerous awards and have been included in books and articles. Currently a Professor of Art at the University of Wyoming, Hardy heads the Metalsmithing Program. She has conducted research in North India on traditional metalsmithing techniques as well as co-teaches a University of Wyoming Art course every other summer in India. Hardy lives in Laramie, Wyoming with her husband, Mark Ritchie, and son, Ky, who both share her love of fresh air, travel and creative endeavors.

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