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Artist statement
When I been asked for an artist statement,it really keep me thinking..
because,I don't think I have one ,I never had.Since I had senses, I've been totally fascinated by the intrinsic beauty of nature around me, and I'm been able to translate it,in my own way. Everything with organic lines capture my attention .Does that sound like an statement?It could be.
I remember,my island,where I grew up,full of vegetation,and the still stamped in my soul,while my childhood friends were playing and jumping around me,and I could stay quiet...for hours,lost in the beauty of my surroundings,then going home and making with my hands what ever I could,that help me interpret what it was in the inside of me,and making presents to whom ever want them
I never stop to think that I had to make an statement,
But you grow and change ,and then, try to make statements,I know some of you will relate to this:Any time I had to stop ,and try to make statement I ruin just let it go,if my work make an statement for itself well.. ,let it be.
There is one thing that haven't change over the years,I still  get emotional when people love what I do,and emotional when they don't

We have a universal language,and that is art,I was able to understand it clearly ,since I was born ,but I wasn't able to speak it ,until,I found myself ,at a very young age,trying to give form to a piece of metal.
I was born in Cuba ,immerse in a very strong artistic atmosphere    working with metal is been a tradition in my family,art, is in my genes so it wasn't hard for my to follow my  mother steps,Every new generation in my family ,have been giving a refreshing touch to "our tradition" in metalsmith work,and I had the freedom to do so,none of us follow rules,we just past "the torch" and the next one takes it ,and follow its own call,but ,we all,have a great passion and respect for what we do
In Cuba,everything is manipulated and controlled by the government ,including art,so you have  to forget about the material rewards you going to get ,you have to follow your passion, and keep moving forward no mater what.But then,you grow spiritually and become very strong and creative in that environment,I thanks God for that time in my life. it was a great school !
In 1988 my work got the attention of ACAC.(Cuban association of artist and artisan ) so I was able to work for the government in one of "the most prestigious art institution" in the country by that time, and get professional training in metalsmith,specializing in repousee ,and fabrication technique
In 1994, my life took a momentous turn,when I converted to Christianity,shortly after,I was able to come to the US and have finally the freedom I was always looking for.
Today my work is done in high kt gold,and is totally created by hand ,It reflects much of my culture. Organic forms, movement and dimention are predominant in my designs, I work with Enrique Garcia my husband ,a very talented metalsmith and GIA alumni.the founder of Rosariogarciadesigns.INC in 1996
Later in our career, and motivated by the strong artistic influence of European Goldsmiths,we travel and attended Art Studio FUJI, School of Desing and fashion in Florence Italy. to specialize in new techniques, and had the honor to be certified by one of the best art institutions, affiliated to FEDE (European federation of school)
Our work have been shown in different art galleries around the country,Its been presented in some of the best national art events .Its been featured by the press in several prestigious publications.and it has won national awards,

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