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My work is about community and working together to build stronger more sustainable habits that serve everyone all of the time.  All I want to do in life is entertain people by reflecting themselves in my art.  I paint, sculpt, carve, and metalsmith every day in my Beer-muda Triangle studio.  I have been very important at times and very insignificant at times and it all means that I'm pretty human, which is exactly where I'm comfortable.




Born and raised in the West, as a child, Jennie dreamed of wild horses and freedom (she literally still asks for a Pony for Christmas every year) while drawing on cardboard boxes and using up any art supplies in the house. Jennie was an insatiable socialite as a child who eventually learned how to socialize properly without invading personal space, but still can't work alone, so she shares a studio with 28 other studio mates in Loveland, Colorado.
Jennie received her Bachelor of Fine Arts from Colorado State University in 1997. She then decided to “have it all” which meant marriage, children, jewelry, murals, triathlons, weight loss (and gain, and loss), travel, and teaching. She has landed (and loves) Fort Collins, Colorado where she continues to strive for excellence in sculpture using all mediums.
Jennie is a community activist who fights for gardens, inclusivity, women's rights, social change, kids, and art in schools.

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Work is not available for sale through the SNAG website. Please contact the artist directly to inquire about making a purchase.