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The relational function of jewelry is the primary function of jewelry.  To be ‘relational’ can only be understood in terms of the connected interactions between individuals or groups of people.  Jewelry goes beyond its mere physical form.  In this context form takes on a different connotation and becomes a relationship between individuals around an object.   Jewelry is a vehicle and the objects themselves become the language for an encounter to occur.

The need to complete every move or every task myself is no longer relevant.  I am open to new directions and let the process dictate which direction to go.  It is never preordained.  I am captivated by what is lost, what is gained, and what changes with every development within the process.  My work is not simply a re-presentation of something already in place.  The form is no longer the object(s) presented, but is instead the relationships between each step.

When discussing the function of jewelry, jewelry should not only be assessed aesthetically as object.  It should be considered in terms of the relationships it establishes through these encounters.

Jennifer Lee Hallsey grew up in central Maine, but moved to the south to earn her Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Savannah college of Art and Design (SCAD) in painting with a minor in art history in 2005.  Jennifer’s interest in jewelry and body adornment began while working as a studio assistant during her undergraduate degree, and in 2007 she began making and selling her own work full-time.  In June of 2013, after nearly ten years working in the jewelry field, she returned to study at her alma mater, SCAD.  In 2015 she earned her Master of Arts in jewelry and objects.  She is continuing on as a MFA candidate with a focus on body adornment and arts education.  Jennifer currently lives, works, and studies in Savannah, Georgia.

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